The Mountain Symbol for Paramount

I recently read a question which asked ‘which mountain is used as the symbol for paramount pictures’ to which Cecil failed to come up with the correct answer (even the greatest must fail) i believe i have the answer and i am suprised cecil did not get it. I think you will find its the Matterhorn in Switerzland. It has very the famous characteristics of having three joining arete peaks forming a ‘pyremidal peak’ - a do find this odd as paramount is an American company and you think they would have chosen a mountain from the rockies?!?! anyways, feel free to disagree but im pretty sure that is correct. Cheers Rex ;j

Hi and welcome to the SDMB! It helps if you include a link to the column.
What mountain is depicted in the Paramount logo?

The old logo.

The new logo.

The trouble with proving it’s the Matterhorn is figuring out which face it’s showing. Yeah, the Paramount logo and the Matterhorn are both big pointy mountains, but I can’t find anything offhand on Google Image search that exactly matches. You want to go look?

i researced on google for all of 5 minutes and found this link

i think its a pretty good angle and you can clearly see the famous amazingly sloped side and the incredible steep opposing side. i think this is a pretty good picture to help my case, and the text also suggests to me that it is the mountain.

Well, they’re similar, but not identical. Your picture distinctly shows the peak pointing to the left, while the Paramount peak does not.

Ummmmmm… That can be resolved merely by rotating it on the vertical axis.

I think a case can be made that the Paramount mountain was “inspired by” the Matterhorn.

I still don’t see how these look similar, but I don’t see many mountains, so I guess I don’t have much of a basis of comparison. On both mountains, the left side is smooth. On the Paramountain, the right side has little subordinate peaks along its face. On the Matterhorn, there’s a big old bite taken out of the right side. I can’t see any way to rotate these and resolve it.

I always thought it was based in the Matterhorn as well - it’s a REALLY impressive mountain, and it’s image would stay with you for a long time after having seen it - kind of what the movies are going for, isn’t it? Short of speaking to the original artist, though, I guess there’s no way to know. I do not, however, think it IS the Matterhorn - they are clearly different mountains.

Since some think it is the mountain Ben Lomand in Utah, has anybody found a picture of that mountain to compare? My search was empty - no pictures.

I’m certain that this has been discussed before–especially the Utah connection–but I can’t find anything in the archives. There were even pictures of the mountain.

Here is a reference to William W. Hodkinson doodling “an image he remembered of a mountain peak from his childhood in Ogden, Utah.”