The movie "Black Lightning"

Anyone seen this. I just nabbed it on netflix instant que. To me really much better than 99% of American made comic book movies. The story was just told really well.

(Admittedly Dark Knight owns this thing but Dark Knight is head and shoulders above the rest anyway. Other than Watchmen which is H+S above… well ya)

This one follows the first Spider Man story arc pretty strongly but I think pulls it off better. Its Russian and awesome.

Ooh, it’s out in translation? Sub or dub? Been wanting to see this since I saw the trailer.

it’s subtitled, which worked just fine for me.

So, it’s not about motorcycles then?

Or Black Lightning? The trailer-guy’s voice was a little over the top, but it looks fun.

Ya it’s not that Black Lightning though I was familiar with the comic you linked to before I watched it. From the cover it didn’t look like it had anything to do with it. Not sure if it’s coincidence or marketing wanting something that sounds familiar to comic fans.