New Iron Main trailer!

Bask in it’s glory.

(Trailer is about halfway down the page.)

I honestly think this might have a good chance of being the best superhero movie. Inspired casting, and men in robot suits beating the crap out of each other.

Seconded. Iron Man was not Iron Man until he was Robert Downey Jr. Now we can have huge fights! And this publicity is handled MUCH more pleasingly than Superman Returns. Show your wares!

Downside is, will there be any cool stuff left over for the film?

Great trailer, and the last 5 seconds rock!

Can’t wait.

I don’t understand why this trailer has elicited such a big response. What makes this look better than any number of other fantasy/superhero movie trailers?

Do I need to know who Iron Man is from the comics to feel teh same visceral reaction? If so, that kind of sucks.

Not that it’s a bad trailer, but it seems to me to be fairly standard and nothing special.

I have never been a Marvel fan, and I never followed Iron Man. Power suits and mechs do not attract my interest at all.

BUT, this looks so cool.

The brilliance lies in that they’re obviously giving the fans what they want. First, the character of Tony Stark’s an alcoholic, so Robert Downey Jr as Stark in the film is dream casting. Next, there’s lots of big explosions (always important in a movie), and they didn’t change the appearance of the suit because it “looked too comic booky” like they did with The Punisher. Finally, they had enough sense to use Black Sabbath’s song in the trailer. All-in-all, it looks like the movie’s going to be nothing more than a rock and roll ass kicking adventure! Too sweet!

Good lord, I am so there.

And as to the question of “is there any more left for the film?” - the whole reason I am excited is that the answer seems to be a clear Yes.

I’m not a big Iron Man comic fan, but that trailer still looks like the coolest fucking thing since the ice caps started melting.

Comic-Con is going to be so kewl this year. I wonder how many sequels they have the leads signed for?

Dunno, but it looks like Tony Stark might be showing up in the next Hulk movie.

I didn’t realize that’s being released almost exactly between the Iron Man and Batman movies. It’s comic-palooza next summer!

That is the ass-kickingest trailer I’ve seen in a while.

Words can not express how happy and relieved I am to see that they did not fuck his costume up.

The movie looks like typical comic book junk, though. Oh well, they’re still getting my 8 bucks.

His line at 2:03 made me laugh out loud, which I take as a good sign. I’ll be watching this movie.

I am so pleased that they didn’t chicken out and make a politically correct villain. I’m no Nazi, but nothing makes me more angry then seeing Nazis getting the crap kicked out of them. Hellboy gets a pass, because that was a true comic to movie adaptation, but I couldn’t believe they did that with The Sum of All Fears.

There was one movie, I knew walking into it that it was going to be stupid. Silly Kung-Fu movie with a stupid white-boy comedic relief. But when I watched it and found out that the villains were Nazis, NAZIS, good God! My brother (drunk at the time) threw a tantrum and trashed a hotel room (okay, it could have been more about the drunk and less about the movie).

Guess that movie!

Looks decent.

It bothers me a bit that he can blow up a tank with a missile barely larger than a pencil and fly as fast as a jet plane. I can see that in a comic, but in real life it just makes me shake my head a bit, internally.

Durn. Durn. Durn Durn Durn. Durn Durn Durn Durn Durn Durn. Durn Durn Durn.

Bulletproof Monk, with Chow Yun Fat and Seann William Scott. It’s another comic book adaptation, and I believe there were Nazis in the original source material.

I’m sure Steven King said the exact same thing about Maximum Overdrive. :wink: