Iron Man Trailer

I have no idea how long this thing’s going to be up, but just for the record it LOOKS FRICKING AWESOME. Like, if you took five smaller awesome things, played some bad-ass theme music and made them form into a larger more awesome thing, Voltron-style, this would still be more than twice as awesome as that.

I agree, it looks fantastic. Just nine months away!

That looks great! I love the use and tone of the humor - but with Favreau on point, that’s to be expected.

Oh, yay us…I hope!

And as I’m watching this, I’m finding it hard to believe that “Robocop” was 20 years ago. :eek:

That made my day, thanks for posting! looks great!

Sweet! I love that they used Black Sabbath’s song in the trailer. Also, with Robert Downey in the lead, the film should have a “gritty” feel to it which has been sorely lacking in most of the superhero films.


(thanks :slight_smile: )

I just hope Downey can channel the part of Tony Stark that struggles with addiction. :wink:

Yeah, I bet it’s going to be a real stretch.

Hell, half the time I’ve seen Downey in public, I’ve looked to see the suspiciously-heavy suitcase he should be carrying nearby at all times. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, about when was Stark given that struggle as a critical component of his character? When I was a kid, I read mostly X-Men, Spider-man, Iron Fist and a few others, but of course ran across Iron Man all the time. But, IIRC, the fact that he was an alcoholic wasn’t established…this was in the mid '70’s…but now, whenever I read about him, that is mentioned centrally.

The alcoholism storyline was introduced in the '80s. (I still have the relevant issues in storage.) The Wikipedia article mentions it but gives no dates.

The notion of an alcoholic in control of a vastly powerful piece of equipment seems rather timely right now.

My dad and uncle were on a vacation in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and the Iron Man crew was shooting footage at Caesar’s Palace when they were there. Apparently Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow were on hand, but my dad didn’t see them. The only thing cooler than this movie would be my family ending up in it somewhere!

Lou, if they’re in the movie, make sure to let us know!

I’m so excited about this movie, it feels like I’m cheating on Batman, whose sequel also comes out next summer. Nobody tell Batman; I think I’m getting away with it so far!

Can’t get it to play.

Oh don’t you worry, he’ll be prepared!

ETA: trailer isn’t working for me either now, sorry all, teh nets have been cleaned up.

Nor could I. :frowning:

Try this link.

There are some really nice pictures of the initial armor here.