First look at Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

Looks promising. Thoughts?

– IG

I see a guy in a tank top. Downey’s an inspired casting choice, but call me back when you’ve got some footage or at least a pic of the final form armor.

From the link:

:dubious: No, it wasn’t. Stark was sometimes drunk, but never disabled. Leave that out, Favreau! :mad:

I’ve never actually read Iron Man, but I’m pretty sure the original armor design included a pacemaker after Stark’s heart was damaged in the attack that left him a POW.

Yep. Wikipedia backs me up:

Well, they certainly won’t need a special effect for Robert Downey Jr to use a ‘Repulsor Ray’…

Well here is a pic of the first armor suit. Looks pretty good. I have high hopes for the rest. When is it due out?

You know, I never would have thought in a million years to cast Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but the more I think about it the more I’m grooving on it.

Yeah, original. The modern Iron man has portable life support.

Not me, getting tired of pretty-boy weiner casting for what calls for (imho) more “machoish” actors – pitt as achilles, farrell as alexander, etc. Downey Jr. as freakin’ Ironman? Come on. Next will be Andy Dick as the Green Lantern. :frowning:

Linky no worky.

Works fine for me.

I can see your point in general, but Robert Downey Jr. didn’t look very pretty-boy in that shot. In fact, he had a very grizzled “I’m too old for this” look on his face.

In the comic books, Tony Stark (in terms of physical appearance/presence), out of his armor, is much nearer to pretty than macho.

Agreed, Tony Stark isn’t supposed to be a macho man. It’s the brain and and the armor that make him impressive, not his body or face.

I thought it would be OK to bump this thread.

They just played a trailer for this on Comedy Central between segments of The Daily Show. You can view the trailer or download it in Hi-Def here.

I think it looks like lots of fun, and Downey is great.

Yeah - they showed a trailer during Doctor Who Friday night. It looks pretty good…

But then I’ve been burned before.

May. :frowning:

Forgive me, I don’t know the source material for this, but when I watched the trailer, all I could think is “Iron man is Sauron?”


Iron Man

Sorry, not really seeing the resemblence, here.

I was an avid comic book reader and collector from 1976 - 1985, so Tony Stark was ‘my’ Iron Man. I’ve got no clue what he’s been up to since 1985. But that picture of Robert Downey, Jr. looked like an excellent choice for the Tony Stark I remember.