Armor From The New Iron Movie Revealed

Pretty old school. I like it.

Of course if they remained true to the original Iron Man comic books, it’d have roller skates and project blasts of air from its hands, so maybe this is a bad thing. At least it’s not yellow. :smiley:

And there’s the revised design in use for the rest of the movie. Spiffy.

I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since they revealed they were casting Robert Downey Jr for the role of Tony Stark. Rich asshole slowly destroying himself with alcohol and yet probably still good-intentioned at heart? Check. :slight_smile:

The new armor seems to have a bit of the Japanimation styling.

Hey, how do you know it won’t be? Maybe that’s why it’s in the shed, to get a fresh coat of Municipal Road Yellow. And I don’t see any feet, so the roller skate option isn’t definitively ruled out either. (I can only assume that in the modern version, Tony Stark is being held captive by nefarious Mideasterners rather than inscrutable Asians.)

That looks cooler than I would ever have imagined possible. And it’s an actual, physical costume?! Damn, Stan Winston rocks harder than ever! Take that, CGI! Eat injection-molded polypropylene, Lucas!

This may just be the ticket that inspires me to pick up that retrospective book, The Winston Effect, that I saw at the store the other day. Just recently I watched the 1970’s-era anti-horror chucklefest It Lives By Night, featuring decidedly unspecial makeup effects by “Stanley Winston.” What a difference thirty years of experience can make.

I don’t really see that.

(Also, “Japanimation?” Is it 1982 again?)

That’s pretty much how his armor looks now. A lot of American comics have added an “anime” bend to their characters.

My local comic shop dealer has stated that about 30% of their business is anime now-a-days. So the American companies are trying to get in on that market.

As I understand it the new costume is an actual physical costume with heavy CG enhancement.

Both suits remind me an awful lot of the work done for that Iron Man movie by the folks who did the Ultimate Avengers. That’s not a bad thing at all, really.

Hey, that’s looking way better than I was expecting!

Iron Man was much better than either of the Avengers movies.

Yeah, I have to agree with you on that. And I really liked both Avenger movies.

I’m kind of curious to see what they do with Dr. Strange–from the trailer it looks like that’s going to get some rather heavy changes from what I’m used to. Not sure what to think.

I don’t know what Iron Man is, but

Favreau directing, starring Downey Jr, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges. . .I’m friggin there.

Oh, and that original armor looks way cooler than the second one, and the second one looks kind of like a rip off of the robots in I, Robot.

That’s because it’s a direct sequel. It’s the story of the sentient robot from the first film, Sonny, as he struggles to achieve humanity over the course of 200 years. At one point he decides to give himself a human name, and chooses “Ron.”

Hence the title: I, Ron, Man.

And the third movie, after he completes his transformation and breaks free of his chrysalis is titled I, Ron, Butterfly.

Wikipedia did it because it’s a futurist.

And in the fourth movie, he completes his transformation from Tony Stark to Toni Stark. I, Ron, Maiden.

Or when a hallucinating Tony Stark becomes convinced he’s the founder of a secretive religious cult: I, Ron, Hubbard.

And that armor does look pretty cool.

Adi Granov is the artist who designed Iron Man’s modern armor in the comics, and he created the design for the movie costume as well. Probably the best Iron Man story in two decades is the recent “Extremis,” written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Granov. The six-issue story is collected in a trade paperback, and updates Iron Man’s origin with a modern twist. In “Extremis,” Stark created the armor while being held captive in the Middle East, rather than Southeast Asia (as he was in his 1963 origin), and the movie will probably set that segment in the caves of Afghanistan.

My very thought.
I’m no Marvel fan, but I mught just see this sucka.

It’s ALWAYS 1982 in the Hypno-Pad.



…and I wanted to add, I sure hope this movie does powered armor right onscreen, as Starship Troopers should have done 'way back when.