The Movie Papillon--Pimp Killer

In the movie Papillon, Steve McQueen’s character is constantly derided for being a “Pimp Killer”. I don’t wish harm to anyone, but I’d like to know what was especially horrible about being a pimp killer? They seem to act like he’d killed handicapped children or bedridden senior citizens or other such very vulnerable people.

Pimps is people, too.
I rather doubt he’d be regarded as girl-rescuing hero in the same sense as Travis Bickle. Rather, he may have been from the same lower classes as the pimp, possibly even a competitor, and that is why he’s viewed with contempt.

I always wondered about that myself.

In the book he admitted being a safecracker. Although denying the murder it may have been what they could get on him. Also, I wonder if pimp killer is maybe second rate compared to killing a manly man, kinda like a bitch slap, just a WAG