The Movies from 1 to 10

This phrase came up in conversation during a long car trip yesterdayu, and it occurred to me that I could actually fill it in:


Seven (or Se7en)

**8 1/2 **

Those were the only ones I came up with, off the top of my head. Looking on the IMDB, I find that you can fill in the other numbers, but they mostly seem to be small socumentaries or odd art films. One exception is this year’s Three ( ), which apparently hasn’t been released yet. I could fill in these gaps, but I don’t see the point. For some reason, a lot of these seem to be arty, incomprehensible, or dark.

The purist in me rejects things with words added, like 9 1/2 weeks (although 9 to 5 kinda fits). And numbers as year names (1984, 2001, 2010, 1776 ) seem a category apart.
Any other ones you’ve seen or heard about, and would like to add? Feel free to go above 10 if you want. Or to use symbols ($ ) or letters (Z )

Also, Five


The One (articles don’t count).


Words in parentheses don’t count.
(the taking of Pelham) 1,2,3.

jali writes:

I’m sorry. That’s pushin’ it a bit too far.

It’s my game. I get to make the Rules.
The other ones are good, though.