The Mullet gene.

Good Lord.

Must.Have.Guinness. :eek: :eek: :eek:


That is just sick and wrong! I literally covered my eyes. Ew!

Guinness? I’m gonna need whiskey, and lots of it, to burn that image from my brain.

Must clean gene pool. Not enough chlorine.

Sweet Christ! There goes the Ozone layer.

I can hear the power ballad playing in the back ground.



A translation, for the Horrified-Screamish-impaired:

Holy far-fignoodles and Jesus as well! They even have opposable thumbs!

It’s all Photoshop editing.

(shush!! I’m trying to convince myself to prevent more emotional scarring!)

Thats going to be my new desktop. If I can look at that for a week, I’ve proven to myself I’m a man.

“Eeeevvverrry mullet, has it’s spray…”

Whoa, they must own stock in some blow combs or something!

That guy is used on all the Beebo the Cat animations on, so at least he did some good on this earth.

Jesus Christ, I couldn’t have shaken more in -20 degree weather totally naked. Well, maybe I could’ve, but it would’ve been close.

I saw that same picture on link removed at the request of the poster.

Funny damn site.

I just realized that I screwed up my link.

and to go directly to Beebo the Cat,

The 80’s, the decade style forogot.




Forogot is a Icelandic welk hunter i befriended.


To those who have perused the site I linked to, and have been a bit offended by its content, I apologize.

That wasn’t my intent and I’ve asked for it to be removed.


Behold the Mohawk Mullet!


I swear I’ve seen 5 or 6 families that look just like that come into the restaurant I work at. Except they alsohave 2 little boys with the same hairstyle.

H.P. Lovecraft wrote a horror story about those people, I swear he did.