The music during credits for the first to seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Is the music during credits for the first and seasons of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries called ‘‘Charleston’’?

I don’t think so. I’d have to check, but I think it was composed specially in the style of the period. I’m watching the third season now on streaming, and they’ve changed the music a bit - I prefer the second season, but it is still good.

You can Google “Ms. Fisher Murder Mystery Soundtrack,” and get a list of songs from the show that are available for sale. Which is probably not inclusive of every bit of music used on the show, but the closing theme would certainly be on there. I believe it’s the one called “Ms. Fisher’s Theme.”

Didn’t see any songs called “Charleston.”

The music I referenced is called *Miss Fisher’s Theme *and was written for this purpose. Part of it can be heard here: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Opening credits I’ve never studied music. I assume it is Jazz and that it must have been some once popular sub-genre. Can you name or label the sub-genre?

It certainly shoots down the old cliché, “They’re not writing them like that, these days.” Yeah, they are! Yay!

If the director(s) have it true to the period it must be post-*ragtime *and pre-*swing *but I find no name for that jazz.