The Mysterious Winged Deer of Northeastern Oklahoma

Driving along a rural road near Grove (Cherokee County, northeastern Oklahoma), Oklahoma, I noticed one of those commonplace diamond-shaped, yellow “warning” signs that one finds along roads throughout the US. This sign intended to warn me of deer in the area, as there was a deer on it. However, this particular deer had, uh, wings. Yup. The artist who painted the sign painted what appears to be a wing protruding from the poor beast’s spine.

Anybody know the story behind this?

Obviously, anybody who sees it will think, “Well I’ll be damned. That deer had wings!” and thus be thinking about deer for the next several miles. I wonder if this is what the artist intended…

perhaps it was some kind of black line or something showing the road the deer would assumedly be crossing and you either misinterpreted it (or the artist poory painted it) and it seemed to blend into the deer’s back?

Or hell, maybe the bastards fly.


Ummm, vandalism, perhaps??

Surely a flying deer wouldn’t need to walk across a road would it? Unless…

I couldn’t resist–did it look like either of these?

Actually, alonicist, it looked quite a bit like the one on the left, on his wing looked like a butterfly wing.

And BTW, where in the world do they have elk with antlers growing out of their ass like that?

Thanks for bringing the book Hannibal into my mind.

I hope other people are getting my link better than I am-- all I got a while ago were red “x” frames. I just hacked up those pictures onto a free web site-- my first web page. Those aren’t antlers on his butt, they’re “antler wings” on his back. (O.K., they are on his butt. I’ll go back and fiddle with 'em later.)
The site I lifted the original road signs from is Manual of Traffic Signs. (Just to make this post a little less useless.)

Loved your pics, alonicist, they made me decide to create one of my own.

Fun! And now there is a butterdeer on my page. I’ll keep the pix up as long as I can for the benefit (?) of future viewers.

We were driving in Wisconsin a few years ago and spotted one of those “Deer Xing” signs that had had a large erect phallus skillfully added to it, hanging down underneath it in a most realistic manner. :smiley:

At first I actually thought it was some new kind of “Warning–Deer In Rut” sign, but we never saw another one (and believe me, we were looking…)

Well, it ain’t a deer, and it ain’t in Oklahoma, but…

Um…fellow dopers, use extreme caution when scrolling down on my site. My next project…umm, maybe not.
Where are the Okladopers? Hmm…Okies with computers…scary thought?