The mystery of the gift cards

(By the way, I just saw the gold on the side of the road thing… I was going to post this)

This morning I was walking the dog on a road with very little foot traffic. At the side of the road I saw a gift card holder. I picked it up and it has two gift cards, worth about 75 dollars. It looks like these were not used and it’s damp and dirty, like it’s been on the side of the road for a few days.
There is a To and From on the card. It has only first names. It’s to a female and from a male and female. The names are neither common or rare.
I’m an honest person and would like to find the owner and give it to them.

Plan A. I did a search for the two “from” names that the cards and the city where I live (about 20,000). I found a baby registry with the two names as parents. I think the odds of two couples with the same names would be unlikely. I searched for each name, and the city and found a facebook page for the female. Based on the picture she could be pregnant and could have a baby registry. I sent a message with some information. If she responds with enough to identify that it’s hers (like what cards and how much) I will give them to her.

But, I’m not sure on Plan B. My road is about a mile long out in the country. There isn’t a lot of traffic. About half of the traffic is someone that lives on the road. Maybe somebody on the street knows who it would be, but I don’t know most people on the street.

Sounds like maybe they got left on the roof of the car when someone was giving a goodbye hug and they drove off with the gift card envelope still on top.

As far as how to find them, I’m clueless. Maybe see if the neighborhood has a Facebook group like mine does. We’ve got a fairly good rate of returning things, but that would be the longest of long shots in your case.

Is there a group for your area? Someone in my neighborhood group posted something very similar a week or two ago.

I’d put an ad on Craigslist, too. Of course don’t give away any details like how much the cards were for, what kind of cards, the names, etc.