The MythBusters reboot premiered tonight

First impressions: Not likely to last past its first season. The tall guy, Brian (Jamie Hyneman reboot), is genial and easy enough to watch, but the short guy, Jon, is trying way too hard to be Adam Savage funny-wild and he’s not going to wear well.

I did like the dog, though.


Brian is not as taciturn as Jaime was, which IMO is a good thing. Yes, Jon is trying too hard. I think that if you’re interested in giving this show a fair shot you have to forget Jaime and Adam. And remember, this was the first episode; they need to get used to being on camera. And they should stop with “Oh boy,We’re doing a Mythbusters reboot!” and just do a Mythbusters reboot.

The dog is a nice addition.

I hope the dog doesn’t get Buster’s job.

Yes, I’m fine with Brian. I do think, after that whole stretch of tryouts shows, that Jon would have settled down about being on camera by now, though – although maybe the producers are asking him to push his Adam redux persona hard. After all, I’d be willing to bet that’s a big part of the reasons he got picked; they’re trying to recreate the original MB team, version 2.0.

Hopefully the show will get enough feedback about Jon needing to tone it down to make a difference; he’d be fine if he weren’t pushing the “Gee whiz!” schtick so hard. And hopefully after the premiere episode they’ll drop the “Oh, boy, MB reboot!” thing too.

I doubt Brian will let them Busterize Bo. They’re going to need a new Buster who isn’t a SynDaver, though. I checked, and those things go for about $40,000 apiece, and they wrecked two of them in one show. Maybe the damaged parts can be rebuilt?

Huh – checked SynDaver’s website, and they do make SynDaver dogs.

Do the two men have the necessary technical skills to pull this off?

Adam & Jamie had unique skills in prop building and modeling. Their builds were the backbone of the show’s experiments.

The new guys will need to get up to speed fast. I want to see their first car stunt equipped with remote control. A standard technique used dozens of times in the original show.

I’d love to see a reboot of the show succeed.

Their car stunt last night, with a cable and tow rig, did not go well. The first run missed the target completely; the second veered off course but managed to make enough of a crash impact to serve the intended purpose. Yes, the originals did have towing misfires, but I believe those were when cables snapped.

I’ll give the show more time, but for a premiere with so much riding on it, it wasn’t impressive.

So much better than the horrible Search show and promo ads led me to believe. The dog is great and so is Brian. Jon is already calming down from his obvious Adam aping. I think the clips from the Search show made it seem worse. I think he’ll be fine if he can be a little more natural. But the sound effects-- they were annoying when Adam did it and they are absolutely grating when Jon does it.

I noticed this was on. I though it was a continuation of the Search so I didn’t bother to look at it. I have a lot of doubts about taking this approach of finding new versions of Jamie and Adam to reboot the show.

Just watched the second episode and one thing I do miss is Jaime and Adam’s special effects experience. They knew how to make things look really nice.

Second episode? Scheduled to play next Wednesday on TV; is there somewhere online it’s already available for viewing?

Right there on The Science Channel’s site.

Huh. Interesting that they’d undercut their TV broadcast like that. I see each episode is listed as 42 minutes. My goodness – that’s a helluva lot of time devoted to commercials, other show promos, etc.

42 minutes of program per hour is absolutely normal for any show now. :mad:

After reading about this here, I had no idea there was to be a reboot, I went to watch it. Compared to say the US version of Top Gear where I feel they are trying too hard “to be, or not to be” a direct copy of the UK version, or how Fear The Walking just gave up and is becoming a west coast version of the Walking Dead, it’s pretty good for the first episode of a reboot.

It’ll be tough to not think about Adam and Jamie when I watch, but, I think these two are different enough that they are their own. That’s how TV personalities need to be, engaging the audience. If it were me, I’d be like Jamie with a few rehearsed monologues and a mumble here or there. I’d be a terrible choice. These two new guys, in a way, are a good choice as they are more or less equal in engaging the camera. The disparity of Jamie and Adam isn’t there.

I refuse to watch it on principle.

I know Jamie was ready to be done, but Adam seemed upset about it being over. The build team was completely blindsided. I think this was nothing more than a way to cut salary costs. Think of the old Dukes of Hazard trick: replace your pricey talent with cheap knockoffs.

If nothing else, Tori, Grant, and Kari would have been happy to continue, possibly with Adam in an advisory role.

It totally disgusts me.

Only three episodes in, and they’re already doing farts and water heaters. That doesn’t bode well.

I’ve tried a couple of times to watch this, and it’s painful. The guy with the hat (Jamie clone) said, “There’s your problem!” Then they showed how a water fountain can suspend a human being (shades of water cannon floating a car).

Why? What’s the purpose of this if they’re just going to redo what Adam and Jamie did? It’s the original and good critique, only applied to a TV show.

For me the show lacks star power and feels like a weak effort to milk the brand at with an exceedingly cheap product. I am looking forward to the build team’s series on Netflix.

A. Season 1 of The White Rabbit Project dropped over a year ago. It was okayish at best.

B. Netflix has dropped the show. No season 2.

Re: The new Mythbusters show. First episode bad. Too much emoting. Got a bit better. Watched about 5 episodes so far. Still worth the time to watch but not much more.

To be fair, the original show revisited a number of topics (including exploding water heaters) repeatedly. They did 14 seasons, and over 250 episodes; the well ran dry on the original concept behind the show pretty early on (though it remained a very entertaining show overall).

I actually like Jon a little bit better than Brian – IMO, it’s Brian who comes across as trying too hard to be “in character.” But, overall, I agree, it feels like the producers are just trying to milk the concept at this point.