The naked women who are out to get me fired...

Otto, Comet Cursor is reputed to be spyware, i.e. it might send information about your surfing and comupting habits to be compiled and sold and marketing data. I recommend using Ad-Aware, as others have suggested.

Lady, re: the “they keep coming back” thing:

I had a similar problem to this in my home machine last year, which would every so often reset my start page .

I would repeatedly clean up the Cookies and it would keep happenning. Then I went into the Registry and cleared out keys referencing that site. Finally, in desperation, I went into msconfig and surprise, surprise, I found an “alien” initiation/configuration file/command that would reset the evil link. So part of CS may be lodged in Window’s or IE’s initiation/configuration files ,

err, make that “computing habits”

You are the winner. :wink:

IS guy #1 is back and spent a good hour and a half at my computer this morning. (I gave him a diet Pepsi as a bribe) He found many band-aid solutions that would keep it from popping up (he deleted the information, but kept CS there, he also blocked the cookie folder after deleting it). But, he did a search for ‘cybersex’ and found the program in the registry that was reincarnating ‘CS’. It’s gone, completely gone from my computer! :smiley:

I was the one who suggested the ‘cybersex’ search you know. Heck, if I weren’t a walking computer malfunction, I’d almost suggest I be an IS girl myself!

happy dance of joy at defeating the evil program sent to cause her work dismissal and incite envy from her coworkers

As a side note, I spoke with the coworker who had originally seen the offending porn. He didn’t remember seeing it on my screen (or so he says), but spent a good ten minutes trying to convince me to ‘send the bug to him’ as ‘he wouldn’t mind it’.

His parting wink, smile and comment of ‘just remember that it’s better to do porn at home’ causes me wonder if he understands how innocent I am in this issue.

See, I told ya.

And Nymysys is the original red blooded male fantasy, BTW, don’t let her tell you any different. Everyone else is just a pretender. Although Lady of the Lake seems to have started her own fan club with this thread.

Well, of course. She’s a woman who looks at porn on her computer. At least, that’s the only part of the OP that seemed worth committing to medium term memory :slight_smile:

I agree with Zette. I won’t open ecards that are attached. No matter who they are from. I’ll visit them if they are on the web and I’m emailed a url (but only if I know who it is from)…

Another thing… I have Eudora set up to not use IE to view mail. The default is to use IE in the preview window but it can do it fine without it. The benefit is that no scripts can run and most of the ads are broken :slight_smile:

At least it wasn’t your boss that saw the popup, and at least it was only one person. Last year in my biology lecture, that involves about 500 students, my teacher gave a powerpoint presentation that was projected on a 40 ft. tall screen. In the middle of her lecture, a porn ad just like Lady of the Lake described popped up. The whole class was laughing. I don’t know if they were laughing at the popup or at the expression on the professors face.

WTF is it with all these old resurrected threads?

That’s sucks about your work computer, Lady of the Lake. I’ve had similar things happen to me at work, but there have been no witnesses to it besides myself. Part of my job is keeping contact information on our client companies up to date. I usually turn to the company’s website first. Every now and then, there’ll be a company we haven’t talked to in a while that has closed up shop since the last we talked to them. This is a bad thing for the websites because some of them now redirect to porn sites. Now that I am also pretty much the receptionist, I make sure to never verify company addresses when clients are there.

I also a bit of a problem with annoyware on my laptop. I was reading a webcomic, and I suddenly got a dialog box asking me to accept a user agreement for something called “Free Cards.” Damn thing didn’t have a “cancel” button. So I x-ed it. On the next reboot, the damn thing reappeared. I ran Adware (latest version), and it found nothing. Took me a good couple hours to find the little bastard. It was written in the windows/system32 directory, and it had a hidden executable that rebuilt the main executable should it be deleted. Punks.

I downloaded Ad-aware, ran it, and now I cannot open Explorer, AOL, Kazaa, AIM. It says there was an error in MSAFD.DIL. Can anyone offer help? I posted here, because this was were I got the idea to do so.


Zette, her OP said she had “work email up” I didn’t see where she said she had opened any mail from the email program. And as you said yourself, if you have a constant connection to the net, this sort of thing happens frequently, even with a popup killer program.

It sounds as if the popup isn’t the problem but that those at her company need to be told what happened and/or she needs to go to a different company with a more realistic and less humor challenged POV.

I get those damn things at least twice a week. I do a lot of research on various chemicals, and [maxwell smart] would you believe[/maxwell smart] that I have gotten naked ladies from a site from which I was gleaning information about tetrachlorethylene?

What my coworkers really find amusing is that, as the only woman in this office, I get the most naked lady popups!

Once I encountered the word “dentata” online. Not knowing what it meant I plugged it into the search feature of It returned no results. So I plugged it into Yahoo’s search engine and clicked on the first link that came up. Turns out the page contained a mythical story of a woman with a toothed vagina. A little disturbing but not really a problem. The real problem was the pretty good photoshopped image of a naked woman (from the waist down) with a toothed vagina at the top of the article. Yikes! “Little-miss-my-vagina-lips-can-tear-off-your-wanker” taught me a valuable lesson that day about opening up unfamiliar web sites. :: sigh ::


Try Spybot-Search & Destroy

I especially like the fact that the new update has an innoculate feature that stops many(over 100) of those idiot spybots from even touching your computer in the first place also this program is waaay faster than Adware.

Yes it’s free too!

Mozilla blocks popups.

I haven’t seen one in months.