The Natives are restless...

Day 1 :

It is indeed a strange place. This is my first foray back into the lower Hessen bush country since last year. By following the signs correctly I have been able to re-establish contact with some of the group that I had studied before. The alpha male has been displaced by another. How I wish I had only been here to observe that! How glorious the ritual sparring must have been!

I will establish a base camp here to study the Teuts and other groups which are present in the area. In just the first day I was able to study many intricate and fascinating behaviours. From this spot I shall endeavour to forage afield, with luck I shall encounter also the Schweizer-Teutsch, the Franks, Flemish and Nederländer. This trip holds so much promise.

More to come…

FairyChatMom, Booker57 and Arden Ranger: Your first postcards were sent yesterday.

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Guttentag, Herr Shibb! Sounds like you’re having much fun! Keep the updates coming.

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