The Necronomicon

If you’ll excuse my ignorance, I would like to ask a few things about this book. First of all, is it a real book or simply an invention of Lovecraft? Second, if it is an invention of Lovecraft, did he ever publish a copy? In other words, did he ever publish his fictional “Necronomicon?” If this is so, I would appreciate it if you would provide me with some means of distinguishing this book from the numerous hoaxes out there. Thank you for your assistance.

Dex wrote an excellent mailbag article about the Necronomicon here:

There’s an interesting Necromonicon FAQ at if your interested.

“The mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred is the reputed author. Certain lore states that the author preferred to be called “I just get these headaches” Abdul Alhazred.

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No, it is not real.


Dead by Dawn!!!