The need for less human labor

The other day my mother told me how she went to Walmart and with so few cashiers left, she forced herself to use the self-checkout, after ringing herself some 15 items, there was some screwup and the head cashier that manages the self-checkouts and to reverse all the items, and then told her to start all over again, so here she is ringing up the items as the cashier walked away to assist someone else.

Today at HEB the deli with their workers vanished. It is now bunches of shelves of HEB ready made prepackaged meals! And Target removing their delis too.

And then me watching a Youtube of a John Deere type contraction that one driver drivers around the cotton fields that rips the cotton from the plants with the plants intact, and the same machine Rolls the cotton in bales.

I’m amused over the last statistic I saw that says 1/3 of the U.S. population do not work and that excludes the retired/infirmed/children. Of course, when we got better and better machinery/systems to do the labor for us.

*note I wasn’t advocating going back to old ways of manual labor

Haha just watched Marvelous Mrs Maisel, where there was the elevator man pressing buttons for the resisdents. When was that job eliminated?