The Netherlands -- F yeah!

The Dutch National Police are training friggin’ eagles to take out friggin’ drones. See a drone hovering over some place it isn’t supposed to be? Release a raptor and take that robot OUT!

I think America has lost its edge.

I worry about the well-being of the birds. Police canines face a minor risk of getting injured on the job, but it seems like intercepting a machine with numerous high-RPM propellers engenders a very high risk of serious injuries for the eagle.

Wouldn’t a rifle work better?

Nah. Refurbish some old WW2 anti-aircraft guns.

Boom Boom boom

And watch the drone go down in flames :slight_smile:

Well, the projectiles have a tendency to return to earth in unpredictable places. An eagle who seized a drone would return to earth onto a giant platform with lots of bunting, fireworks, and AC/DC songs.

Potato guns. Use good old American Idaho’s. Nobody has died from a falling spud AFAIK.

If they hit the props right you get some Julian fries falling from the skies.

The video in the link discusses the danger of the propellors and according the trainer the claws have enough natural protection.

It had better not be bald eagles–otherwise the Dutch will be in trouble for trademark infringement.