The Nevers

New Show on HBO. Quite interesting. Started as a Joss Whedon show, but he is no longer active, or so I heard.

A weird Alien ship or meteorite hits London, creating The Touched women (and a few men) with each one unusual ability.

The two main protagonists are- Amalia True who can see in the future a bit, although that does not explain her ‘waif-fu’ fighting abilities (but see above for “Joss Whedon”, which explains it).

And Penance Adair who designs all sort of weird steampunk devices, due to her ability see see electric fields.

Ms. True also seems to fall out of her dresses a lot.

It is fun, it is fantasy. It could be better.

Anyone else watching it?


I did actually look, darn it, would a mod delete this thread?