The New and Improved SAT (Scoring Question)

i read in a newspaper article the other day that the new SAT is coming out soon, complete with more stuff like reading comprehension and an essay. whereas the highest possible score on recent SATs has been 1600. i made a 1350 on mine (last may) and was wondering, should i re-take it? will my formerly somewhat high score be looked down upon by colleges when i apply after this final year of high school?

there is a story on yahoo! news about this today.
I work for an SAT Prep company and the short answer is no, but really it depends on the college you are applying to. Some are requiring the new one–some are requiring a seperate writing test if you took only the old, some want the new one. Some schools haven’t made up their mind at all yet.
I think the bottom line is that no body knows exactly since it’s so new.
But they will know which test you took, so your 1350 won’t be made to look like a low score now just because of the new test. The reason the new test is scored higher is because there are 3 sections instead of two, so you really get three scores of 200-800 each.