The SAT and You

Sorry, new member.

I joined because I came across this site rather randomly, and saw the (classic) column about the SAT. At first I was a bit confused – since the writer was asking if it was possible to get over an 800 on the SAT (something which was possible when I was in high school, aka the mid-late 90s, since the score was based on two batteries of tests, worth 800 each).

Then, I thought about this… recently, from what I’ve been told, the scoring changed again. Now, the maximum score available on the SAT is 2400 (3 batteries – reading, writing, and 'rithmatic, as it were – at 800 each).

I know it’s not like the article will be rewritten, some 30 years later, due to the change of policies… that would be revisionist, which I don’t agree with. However, perhaps a quick footnote as to the change in policy should be in order? (There /will/ be people, after all, who don’t bother to look at the date, and instead consider the response as the end-all argument against SAT scores over 800… when an 800 wouldn’t get a student into community college in this day and age.)

ETA: Column Link --Rico

The article is still relevent, as each individual part of the SAT still carries a maximum of 800 pts. I wasn’t aware that the writing/essay portion carried a separate score as well, but that was introduced long after my pre-college days.

Incidentally, for the last six years my wife (a certified HS teacher) has worked as a scorer for the SAT essay test. It’s nice part-time work she can do from home, since she doesn’t teach anymore.