The new Chick™ tract

Dear Miss Manners: If one recieves a Chick tract instead of candy at Halloween is it more appropriate to egg their house or should they cover it in kerosene soaked toilet paper and burn it to the ground as they dance around the pyre yelling “HAW!”


The Strangeloves

Tell you what SolGrundy, how’s about you come over this Halloween. I’ll dress up like a pirate and show you how to “repent.” It’ll be just like Sodom…errr… Heaven, trust me! :smiley:

Yes, and I also picked up on her mother watching “all the vampire shows” and had a good laugh.
I wanted Buffy to decide to use a new name by the end, because, you know, all the satanic associations with the name “Buffy”. :wink:

Damn, Jack phoned that one in! Looks like another artist besides Fred Carter has joined the group & he’s not nearly as good as Jack or Fred.

At least Jack suggests putting candy in w/the Chicklets.

Yeah, but Vlad the Impaler was from Wallachia, and thus an Eastern Orthodox Christian, which are just a shade above Catholicism, but not much.



This thread is better suited for The Pit. I’ll move it for you.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

I was wondering when this would be moved.

Typical of how “with it” Chick is, too… both Buffy and Angel are no longer on the air.

He converted to Catholicism (well, at least went through the motions), while imprisoned in Hungary. If only he knew…

Who else thinks it would be funny to see Jack Chick write an issue of “X-Men” or “Justice League”?

The guy should branch out to telling me how evil my favorite comic characters are, and why.

Not in this sense, really – in most Catholic countries/cultures, the festival in which to dress up and act out all pseudo-pagan is Carnival (Mardi Gras), just before Ash Wednesday

However, Mexicans do celebrate Día de los Muertos (All Souls Eve, day after All Hallows) with gaudy vigils and party favors referencing death (e.g. sugar-candy skulls). But that is likely a derivation from old Mexica/Aztec tradition.

I dunno, I found him nothing more than a good source for SDMB slamming until he went after Buffy. That made it personal. I was just surfing BuffyGuide for Xander’s “Master…Bater” quotes to share with friends before I opened this thread. How did Chick know? Oh how did he know?

Does this mean I can finally buy Halloween candy? Now that Chick has declared open season?

I was really surprised that Jack had little Suzy dress as Santa Claus. Doesn’t he know Santa Claus is evil? I mean he takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. Santa Claus is an evil madman, invented no doubt by the Catholic church, to draw good Christians away from the birth of Christ and toward materialism.

How, how could he have poor innocent Suzy dress up as such and evil, anti-Christian figure as Santa? Surely Suzy is now going to hell?

I’d just like to add that a Jew, Ill be spending Halloween in a ballroom full of gay people. I hope both to spread the message that G-d loves homosexuals, and to finally take home a trophy.

There are some Jews in America who do not celebrate Halloween due to its pagan origins, and later Christian associations. There are actually some Jews who do not celebrate Thanksgiving because they feel it is A Christian holiday. Luckily, we have Purim. This holiday commemorates another nutcase who tried to kill us, and failed. We bake special triangular cookies called hamentashen (There’ was a thread where Zev posts pictures of his children making hamentashen. Krusty the Klown aslo calls his daughter, Sophie, “my little hamentashen.”) There are tellings of the story of Purim, in which the audience must make noise each time the name of the villain is read. Costumes are worn, and adults are encouraged to drink. I think last year I wore a bathrobe and sandals, carried a walking stick and told people I was the prophet Shlemiel.

See, this is why I self-identify as Jewish. You gotta love a religion that encourages you to get totally hammered, even if it’s only once a year.

What’s with the badmouthing of spiders in this tract? What does Chick have against God’s little arachnids?

Maddox? Is that you?

Samhuinn is a great festival. Celebrate that harvest and knock away the evil spirits of the death of the earth by building a big fire, eating till you’re stuffed, and drinking mead till you can’t stand up.

And y’know, you don’t have to wear a costume. You could always show up skyclad!

J.H.C. is a character from Dick Tracy?

I just want to know who the heck Saman is. I never heard of him before.