The new "Dragnet" - opinions?

I just finished watch the premiere of the new Dragnet series. It was ok, but pedictable. Ed O’Neill does a good job as Joe Friday, but the rest of the cast was “eh”. I won’t discuss it any further yet, since our west coast friends haven’t seen it yet.

I give it a “C”, or maybe C minus. Perhaps if it wasn’t “Dragnet” I would have been more impressed.

If you’re going to name your new show after one of the classics, people are going to have high expectations.

All in all I was mildly dissappointed.

Have to agree with JCoM on this. Doesn’t live up to the promise of the name. I thought Ed O’Neill was pretty good, but he still seems just a smirk away from Al Bundy.

Call me unique…

I expected not to like it. That the only reason I wanted to watch it tonight was I couldn’t image “Al Bundy” in any occupation then a shoe salesman and someone who watched tv with his hand inside his wasteband, but I was totally suprized.

He has done an incredible job. I can hardly pick out the old image I’ve had in my head all these years.

In addition, I think the show was well done and plan to make it a regular Sunday night view.

To each their own :slight_smile:

I’ll probably watch it, just because it’s on right after Alias, and I usually go check a couple of Alias boards right after the show, meaning that the TV gets left on ABC.

As far as quality, it seemed to be somewhere between average and pretty good.

i thought it was pretty good, not spectacular, but pretty good. every once in a while i got the Al Bundy image out of my head.

I thought it was a bit heavy on the semen content, like they were just out to show you how much they can get away with without actually being dirty.

But I love Ed O’Neil and will at least watch it the next couple of weeks to see if any other characters get interesting.

I was pleasantly surprised by O’Neill, but Ethan Embry seemed right out of his depth. (I think I’m too used to seeing him playing below age as a goofy teenager.) Part of that was the writing – his character was pretty much a toady and didn’t exhibit any independent thinking of his own save for a one sentence order he barked out as he and Friday were commanding the task force.

I think I would’ve liked it if they hadn’t chosen to go with the “copycat of high profile crime” episode as the premiere. I think it would’ve been nice to have eased us in with an original storyline with an original crime. But then, the original “Dragnet” was so outrageously derivative, it sort of makes sense. It was almost an homage.

It was nice that they kept the “resolution voiceover” at the end of the episode. I would’ve thought that Dick Wolf would’ve found that to be egregiously cheesy. I thought it was the only way they could’ve properly ended a show called “Dragnet.” I like that there were other Dick Wolf touches through the show, though – the smart medical examiner, the flinty captain, the wholly improbable (and truly, phony) use of video technology, the squad room full of vaguely nameless guys ready to jump into action… though in many respects, that all of that was present almost made the show a bit like Law & Order LA. I hope that it gets tamed down, just a tad.

I’ll keep watching, at least until NBC kills that dreck about the druglord and brings back Boomtown. (And they’d better bring back Boomtown! What’s wit them, killing it during sweeps? Sorry – that’s a rant for another thread.)

I forgot about Al Bundy about 5 seconds into it. (Probably right at the end of the Day-of-Week, Weather in L.A., My Partner is _____, The Captain is ______ voiceover right at the begining.)

Between Ed O’Neill’s acting and the writing, I felt they did a perfect job of capturing the Joe Friday character. Hard-nosed, consumate professional…able to pan a hunch out into a deductive leap that no one else sees, and they had the courage to not include “Just the facts, Ma’am.” I know there had to be pressure from the upper executives insisting that the “tagline” be included, when in fact, Jack Webb never uttered such a line.

I think it’s a worthy successor, unlike the short lived '89-'90 made for syndication attempt at resurecting the series.

Loved the line “Mulholland Drive gives you a great view of the city – unless you’re dead.” (Not sure if the street name is right, but you get the idea.) Glad to see they kept some of the flavor of the old show.

We’ll be watching it. It would be nice to see Ed O’Neill become bigger, and be known for something besides Al Bundy. He’s a great character actor.

I thought it was great fun. Ed O’Neill really nailed the character. Embry definetly needs to be a larger role in the next few shows though.

The whole exchange about “how you ever made detective at such a young age I’ll never know” is a good start. I hope they build from there.

I liked it. The wrap-up was a little abrupt (I glanced at the clock at 10:45 and thought, “Is this a two-parter?”), but all in all I thought it was a perfectly competent cop show. I liked that Friday seemed like more – I dunno, more recognized by his peers? more a part of a larger team? less of a nonentity? – than the Webb incarnation. I’ll watch it again – but agree that I prefer “Boomtown.”

I thought it was pretty good, also. I like stories about people with skills and where they utilize their skills well. Ed O’Neill did a great job. Glad they left out “Just the facts, Ma’am”, since it would’ve reminded me of “No Ma’am”, Al Bundy’s club for his buddies.

O’Neill was very good, but I just can’t get used to the idea of seeing Joe Friday standing next to a naked corpse. They seemed to be pushing the “Hey, look at us, we’re being edgy” thing a bit too hard. I’m thinking here particularly of a shot that looked down the body of the victim and had the skyline framed between her upraised knees.

I’ll probably give it a few more viewings. The raw material is there, and if they find their footing they’ll have something worth sitting down for.

I thought it was pretty sexist. All the women were up tight, technocrats who get it wrong. Friday has to suffer under them until he is proven right. How many times have you seen that in a cop show?

The old Dragnet was truly horrible…plot lines where the “crime” was wild teenagers throwing rocks at a stop sign, Joe Friday interviews with “average housewives” wearing pearls and high heels while vacuuming their house, voiceovers of smugly moralistic commentary throughout.
Thus, I went into the new Dragnet without any prejudice.
Even with low expectations, the new version wasn’t much better than the old version.
Pacing was lame, clues just seem to pop out and land in their laps and there wasn’t much suspense.
I’ll take a good Law and Order over this, and I will take any episode of Shield over both shows.

I taped Kingpin last night at the same time…my guess is I will be watching NBC at 10:00pm Sundays.

I liked it, but I like the old show, for what it was. I was in the mood to like it, too - I wanted to see what they were going for, and try to watch it on those terms.

O’Neill’s Friday is as unquestionly pro-“The Man” as Webb’s, which I respect. I’m a raging liberal, but I appreciate a character like that done well. Besides, as the show is written, he’ll always be right.

There just ain’t nothing better than Detective Nick Pappagiorgio.

I liked it, sorta, but I was also pretty darn aware that they were trying to be CSI, L&O, and NYPD Blue all mixed together.

What I’d like to see is continuing strong personality development from both of the leads, that would help to break a little from the cop formula.

I have it on right now, first time I’ve seen it. Ed O’Neill is just as good as Jack Webb.