The new generation born after 82'

You know my husband felt old as he lead our daughter down a hallway at a local resturant and she asked what is wrong with those cds they are all black?
Yes folks she was talking about .45s.
I read an article today that talks about how children of today think of the Kennedy tragedy as a plane crash and not an assassination, or that they have probably never heard of let alone seen shagg carpeting.
I tried this tonite at the dinner table:
Hey kids what is a .45? You know what answer I got?
A gun.
that is number one on the list of the new generations awareness and perceptions.
2…“Little Deuce Coupe” and “409” lyrics are like a foreign tongue
3…Wars begin and end quickly; peacekeeping missions go on forever.
4…Telephones have always been purchased; never rented
5…Navy ships have always had women
6…“coming out” parties celebrate more than debutantes
7…Sex and going to school pose greater danger than the threat of nuclear war
8…Woodstock is a bird
9…The Osmonds are talk show hosts
10…Madonna sang “American Pie”

Some things I have come to realise on my own.
While making popped corn one night for the kids I was told that I was doing it all wrong it is supposed to go in the microwave. Now whenever I make it on the stove they call it the old fashioned way.
My kids will never know what it was like before cable.

I know that there are many more out there, so help out if you have been made feel old for remembering things that these kids could only imagine.

I’m glad you said after '82, myself being generation of aforementioned year.
I really do not know what is wrong with kids today. We all remember the 80’s (hell, I had to grow up in them!,) well I just saw a junior high history textbook the other day. It has a chapter on the 80’s! How old does that make me feel? (MUCH older than 18.)

(BTW, there are many '82ers and '83ers who believe Madonna was the first to sing American Pie, people really need to stop being ignorant (there’s a thread on that somewhere.))

We have the video “Donald Duck in Mathmagicland” that featured a record player and my kids asked what that was.

Microwave ovens and VCRs were just starting to catch on in my teens.

The Vietnam War is as ancient history to them as WWII was to us.

They haven’t a clue what the term “sounds like a broken record” means.

They never saw the Beatles or Elvis perform live.

Garter belts and hose are a sexual costume rather than a nescessity.

They never learned what carbon paper is, and what it is used for.

Never used a manual typewriter. ("Finger powered, Oh my God!)

No need to get personal.

a 1977er checking in…

  • Madonna sang “American Pie”
    correction, Madonna butchered and destroyed American Pie :slight_smile:
    Don McLean should be the only person allowed to sing this song

  • “Little Deuce Coupe” and “409” lyrics are like a foreign tongue
    If it helps any, I know all the words to both these songs :slight_smile:

  • Microwave ovens and VCRs were just starting to catch on in my teens.
    We got our first microwave when I was 7 or 8, and it was HUGE! We also got our first VCR around that time- it had a remote control, but it was on a cord.

  • Never used a manual typewriter. ("Finger powered, Oh my God!)
    One of the coolest presents I ever got for Christmas was my own typewriter when I was 9. I loved the clicking noises!

So rest easy…you’re not that old!

Hey, I was born in 1982. I do think you’re oversimplifying a bit, but…

I don’t remember a time before AIDS.
I don’t remember the Regan administration and I barely remember Bush.
I vaugely remember the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I vaugely remember the Challenger explosion.
I don’t remember a time without the Internet, CDs, cable television, or MTV.
Military? Coed.
Drink? Pass the soda.
Earliest TV memories? The Cosby show, Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker, “just say no” commercials.
Earliest war? Gulf War.

You know, there’s certain repercussions to being the generation who doesn’t remember the AIDS scare. Or in-your-face wars.

My generation: we’re hunks of carbon with facial features.

I am a late 1982er…

G.Sus… did I hate the 80s…

Terrible clothing, unbelievable hair and Tschernobyl…
not eating berries, not going outdoors at all, later not going out barefoot, learning about acid rain, later learning about acid, being afraid of drugs, mixing up the meaning of cancer and aids, watching American sitcomcs on telly and thinking Britain is a rainy land full of stiff “sirs” and “ladies”…
The doc telling my mom to boil everything the baby could possibly take in her (my) mouth and her going psycho about my eating dirt together with the neighbours kids…
Learning a bit English and wondering why there are diffrent languages, drawing god and giving kiss-vouchers to mom for x-mas…

that s the 80s to me.

I forgot some strange relatives hanging around for ages after the wall fell, listening to tapes all day, Sesame Street and Inspector Gadget, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite (sp?) and so on…

I am over 8,600 years old. You’d be surprised how many people don’t realise how much of an impact bronze had on our lives when it was first invented. We were afraid that some terrorists might get ahold of some bronze weapons and kill everyone! It was a frightening time to be alive, the bronze age… :wink:

BornDodgy, where can I get one of these kiss vouchers??

You d be surprised how many I found while tidiing up the house together with my mom. Decorated with tons of hearts - and many writing mistakes… (yes I misspelled mom - I was 5… so keep your mouths shut).
Well… too bad they have expired already… hehehehe
evil laughter

Want to know how to make yourself feel old?



President Carter

the Korean War

“shuttle diplomacy”

looking things up in hardcopy dictionaries


Yokel One: “Ain’t that a gun club?”

Yokel Two: “You idiot, it’s detergent!”

Born in '77, FWIW. The KIDS these days!

You people are making me feel old and I’m not even 40 yet!

I remember in the Before Time there were no personal computers, no cell phones, no pagers, no cable TV, no AIDS,
no Internet.

In 1982, I was a senior in college. Yeesh!

only those born in or around the early 80s think Disco doesn’t suck.


I already feel outdated, and I won’t even turn 30 until August.

So many things have changed in my short life. The first time I remember feeling old was when I mentioned my collection of 45’s, and the person I was working with didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

I told my kids that I didn’t have cable when I was growing up. I WAS the remote control (as in Honey, can you see what’s on the other channel). I tell my kids that we didn’t have VCRs and they freak out. I also tell my kids that we didn’t have Nintendos or Gameboys and they think that I grew up in the Stone Age.

Typewriters? Carbon paper? Sheesh. If I feel this old now, I can’t wait until I turn 40.

My daughter is aghast when I tell her about black-and-white TV, no VCRs, microwaves, or computers, dial phones, steeel roller skates and skate keys, skateboards made by disassembling the aforementioned steel skates and nailing the halves to 2x4s…
for the record, I’ll be 47 later this month…

I was born in 1984, and I still get most of those references. And for god sake, I know Madonna sang American Pie, and I also think she should die for it. It is a Don McLean song, and it should stay that way.

Kricket-I believe this is the link for the article you mentioned;
I think of my generation (I’m 34) as the transitional generation. We lived without most of these things when we were kids and teenagers, but we are more or less comfortable with them now. Good for us, I guess.

I’m on the slippery slope to forty (barely four months to go) and well on my way to geezerdom. I try to keep it in perspective. There is a lot of new shit all the time. If you aren’t very old, all the new shit is old shit to you.

Max has the right attitude. There are far more significant innovations than microwave popcorn and CDs. One of my hobbies involved historic recreation. My character is based on my great grandfather, b. 1862, d. 1952. When he was born “new technology” meant the Henry repeating rifle. When he died it was supersonic nuclear bombers and computers. I don’t get worked up when a teenager doesn’t remember when there weren’t any digital phones.