The New SDMB: Odd Glitch?

Maybe it is just my computer, but when I open SDMB in the morning, some threads are “grayed out”, as if I had looked at them once…you know what I mean.

The odd thing is, I have never opened those particular threads!

Unless I am sleepwalking and going to SDMB in the middle of the night and reading things, I have no idea why this is happening.

Is anyone else getting the occasional thread being “gray”, even though you have never opened that thread to read it?

Yeah I get that too. Or one’s that I have read aren’t. I don’t think it’s just the new board though.

It’s because of the Lost Weekend. See this post in ATMB.

It’s the result of the DNS ring… locked server mode, which was reset in order to speed up the airspace, and then when it propagated, it, uh, lead to …eddies in the space-time continuum.

I don’t know. Anyway this is basically the result of something Jerry did to stabilize the board temporarily while he works on some other issues. It’ll be dealt with, and if you’d like an explanation from someone with technical knowledge of computers and reality and stuff, it’s being discussed in ATMB>