What is with the flakey SDMB servers lately?

What has been going on with the rusty SDMB servers lately? On-and-off, all this past week, I’ve been getting “Connection Reset” or really really slow response times when opening threads.

There was another thread here in ATMB last week complaining about this, and a lot of other people posted, agreeing that they had similar problems connecting. But that thread seemed to cover events on just one or two days. My observation here is that it’s been going on for about a week now.

Anybody else seeing this?

Is this a foreshadowing of where SDMB is going under our new corporate overlords? Are the servers being replaced with old 80386 machines?

This is nothing compared to when the server was a Rolodex. :smiley:

We have moved to a belief based engine. Don’t blame TPTB, blame the fuckers who don’t believe the SDMB is hosted on a 300,000TFLOP mainframe with a 900YBps pipe.


Can we make this a sticky?

Are youse guys all saying that this board is only just as slow and clunky as it’s always been?

I’ve been here for about 10 months now, and I’ve never (well, only sporadically) seen it as slow and clunky as it’s been for the last week or so, and with so many “Connection reset” page load failures. And there was that other thread mentioning it last week too.

Is SDMB just becoming so widely popular that the servers are getting overloaded? Will SDMB be destroyed by its own success?

I’m sure that’s it.

People are nostalgic for the mid-90s, before avatars and working search functions.

I have noticed this too. The other thread I started was within the context of a couple of days where it was worse than it is now, but lately the board has certainly seemed…off.

Who forgot to feed the hamsters that power this thing?

Anyway, OP, a couple years ago we had some major issues where the board would go offline entirely, often for long periods of time. So I guess this is an improvement over that!

I don’t need no steenkin avatars and working search functions! (Google does searches better anyway, AFAICT). Just plain old plain text and my Lynx browser! :cool:

ETA: Come to think of it, can I actually still get a working Lynx browser for Linux these days?

It’s been much much worse in the past. I mean, you have no idea how bad it can be.

Not seeing any problems now, particularly.

Kids these days. They don’t know how good they have it!

I was having that problem last week, but haven’t noticed it this week.

It’s running slow for me now.

It keeps timing out for me. Typically it’s pretty good and reliable, but the last day or so, it’s been PMS’ing.

It’s wonderful.

Except when compared to other boards. You know, the real ones. Then, it sucks Zeus balls.