The new year

Okay, mabey it’s only me… but the fact that soon (it is 11pm here right now) it will be 2004, well, I’m not happy, giddy, or anything. I feel the same as I always do… what’s up with that? Normally I’m pretty happy and waiting for 12:01pm to hit… now I don’t really give a damn either way… :confused:


So, you wait a whole minute after the New Year starts to begin celebrating?

What’s the GQ here?

Yah, a whole minute. Actually though, I don’t celebrate. We just wait for the new year to hit, that’s all.

And my question, well, I was basically looking for anyone else sitting at home tonight. Sorry.

Errm…my point was that the New Year starts at 12:00, not 12:01. :smiley:

And you might want to ask a mod to move this thread to MPSIMS, where it more properly belongs.

You should actually look up your true local time in an ephemeris. The chances that midnight for your time zone is midnight for your location are practically nil. In my location, midnight comes about 20 minutes early.

Actually, he said 12 hours and one minute after New Years :wink:

There is no GQ here. This is closed.

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