The newest Paylinism

John Stewart showed a clip of her comments on the UN strikes in Libya. She commented that she couldn’t tell of this was a war, or…or…a conflict, or…or…just a “squirmish”. Comedy gold, I tells ya. :smiley:

In other news, she’s being highly criticized by the right (!) for hypocrisy because her “reality” show is accepting over a million bucks in state subsidies under an economic enticement program that she signed into law. You just can’t write stuff like this.

Well, she is the new Shakespeare.

I half read a news story yesterday where The Daily Caller asked her to comment on criticism she received regarding the tax credit she received for the filming of her reality show. She agreed to be quoted, but only if The Daily Caller printed her whole comment, so as to not ‘misrepresent’ her position.

She then submitted a some 650 word comment to The Daily Caller, which they posted in full (which I doubt she wrote anyway), and then posted a some 900 word Facebook complaint that the Daily Caller comment wasn’t posted prominently enough on their web page.

Some people can’t be made happy, I guess.

Daily Caller link:

Palin complaint link:

She was probably reading it on her teleprompter. So not only is she dumb, her teleprompter person cannot spell.

*Palin *is the ex-governor. Paylin is the fictional porn character based on her, who indulges in “squirmishes” with several characters, including some Russians she saw from her house.
SFW Wikipedia page

That’s “Mayor $ara Paylin” to you, bub.

State subsidies for reality television?

Lots of places have subsidies to entice movies and TV shows to be shot there. The subsidies allow the production to have lower or no taxes, and the area benefits from all of the cast and crew spending money locally, as well as the press that might come out to visit.

Yes. I have no problem with this sort of economic lure to bring in business to a state that wants to boost its employment and revenue. It is, as always, the hypocrisy of people like La Sarah to shake her fist at the government with one hand, while sticking the other one out for the cash. It’s an old Alaskan tradition, dating back to the advent of big oil into the state.

She’s raking in the bucks. So who’s laughing at whom? Eventually she’ll fade away like Dan Quayle, but unlike Quayle she’s fattening her bank account while she can. What a dummy.

I consider it more like protection money, actually.

Didn’t Quayle pretty much disappear after the '92 election, only to be forced down everyone’s throat by dumb comics making easy jokes?

He has offspring, the gift that keeps on giving.

While I’m second to no one in my dislike for Sarah Palin, this sound like a simple slip of the tongue. It’s not anything to even comment about.

It doesn’t even make you a bit squirmish?

It is my opinions that -isms are the lowest level of political fodder.

Anyone who is exposed to the extent that political figures are is bound to have things caught on tape that can be used to make them look stupid.

I don’t think the fact that Palin said ‘squirmish’ makes her stupid. Now, I don’t think she’s brilliant, in fact I think she’s pretty average intellectually. For all of the Bush-isms, I still don’t think he was dumb, though I might disagree with his ideas and think that there is no doubt that he was not a good public speaker.

It doesn’t take much Googling to find similar slip ups or incomprehensible speeches by Obama or other prominent Democrats, though you’re less likely to hear about then.

No, but the fact that she said squirmish and she is stupid compared to other politicians makes it funny.

I will admit that I got a pretty good laugh out of it.

I actually kind of feel sorry for her, she’s so far out of her league and her supporters keep egging her on like she actually has a chance.

Isn’t the OP even a little bit embarrassed to be mocking somebody for using a wrong word when he couldn’t spell her name?

Trapeze Act!

Well the half-governor may be half-right in this case. The Caller repeated this:

“I’d bet, like many politicians, Palin’s views on the proper role of government becomes more flexible as it comes closer to her own interests,” wrote the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney on Tuesday.

But when she signed this bill into law she had no idea that she would someday be making a reality show.

Of course, like everything else, she’ll tailor her opinions to suit the situation at hand. Remember ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ was a lie. Her lack of consistency and dishonesty started with her political interests, not monetary ones.