The Newlywed Game goes fabulous is it?

Me? I think it’s fan-fucking-tastic; but then I’ve never had any sort of problem with the light-in-the-loafers crowd having the same right to matrimonial misery that everyone else has. I’ve always been a friend to the queer community; Mom used to manage a girls gay bar in Fort Worth, Texas, and a close male relative (can’t say how close as he’s still semi-closeted due to employment…but he’s very, very, very close…as is his fella’), and I think that a broadcast of a TV staple such as The Newlywed Game might go a long way towards mainstream America viewing the gay community as “…well, they’re just like us!”

Others may differ. Is this a good idea? Why? Why not?

And it’s George Takei and his young gentleman. What fun!

It won’t make an avalanche of difference by itself, but every pebble counts. This, and things like it, are what’s going to eventually turn the tide of public opinion.

“That’d be in the butt, Bob.”

I think its great, an advancement for freedom and equality, which I applaud, without reservation.

Anybody who tries to make me watch it must be heavily armed and willing to die.

Watch the game show, not their mating habits. The game show would be hilarious.

So much for the theory that gay people, in general, have better taste than straight people, in general.

Actually I guess no one ever accused lesbians of having better taste.

Didn’t know the show was still around.

I think they picked a famous gay couple to get more publicity.

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This seems more of a discussion of a show than a debate on any issue.

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From the link:

Good for them.

And good for George and Brad for doing it:


I wonder what a “Grand Prize selected especially just for them” would be for a gay couple?

Lazy boy’s new portable sling and the boxed Liza set!

Of course, now they’ll be forced to decide publicly which one is the husband and which one is the wife.

That’s true! “We’ve sent the wives offstage – oh, you too, Brad --”

Set phasers on stunning!

Nah…George strikes me as the wifely type.

Star Trek has an answer for that, too, though from Next Gen. On meeting a member of an androgynous race that shuns the notion of gender, Riker asks “When you dance, how do you decide who leads?” “Whoever’s taller.”. From the pictures, it looks like George is shorter, so he’ll be the “wife”.

Gays are what, about five percent of the population? And they’ve had how many contestants over the years? If they were really trying to push the “gay agenda”, I’d expect that at least one couple in 20 on the show would be gay. Nobody even acknowledges that there is a “straight agenda”, much less claims that the show is trying to promote it, despite the fact that straights are vastly overrepresented on it.

I always find it heartening to see reality shows that acknowledge that a gay couple is just, you know, a couple. For example, an episode of “Till Debt Do Us Part” featured a pair of gentlemen who were overspending on electronics and gym memberships… We have seen how the other half lives, and it’s much like this half, only better decorated.

Then you’d love Home and Garden Network. If your only exposure to the US was just that cable channel, you would swear there were nothing but gay and interracial couples living here.