the next generation of gaming consoles

Does anyone know what the next gaming consoles will be? Who will make them? Any links to read about them?

okay, maybe i should specify what i mean by generation…the generation now would be ps2, xbox, gamecube…the last generation would be like playstation, n64, etc…

so are nintendo, sony, microsoft, sega working on new consoles or no? any new companies not listed perhaps working on something?

I’m more a PC gamer :wink:

But I believe Microsoft has plans for a sequel to the xbox, liewise sony and nintendo are expected to come out with new systems in a few years.

I don’t have any handy links though, sorry. I did hear Microsoft ended it’s deal with Nvidia (the graphics solution provider for the xbox) and is now partnering with ATI for it’s next generaiton console.

All three of the majors have said they will be releasing new products in '05 or '06. Sony has said their next console (PS3?) will be backwards compatible with PS and PS2 games via emulation (link).

Sega’s long since out of the Console game. They’re making games for other consoles now.

But, yes, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will be coming out with new systems in the next 2-3 years, barring something disastrous happening to the video gaming section of one of those companies.

Here’s some Playstation 3 news.

This site has some news about XBOX 2, but it’s my understanding that there isn’t too much information about it available at all.

As far as Nintendo goes… I read some rumor somewhere (maybe GameSpy?) that they were going to release their next generation console next year. Since GameCube is lagging behind XBOX and PS2 in sales, they’re going to try to get a jump on the competition like Sony did with the PS1.

Actually, Nintendo’s dead even with Microsoft on worldwide sales, though Xbox is in more US homes. However, both this week and last, GameCube has outsolde the Xbox by 145% and PS2 by 20%, due to the recent price drop.

One would hope for those kinds of numbers in light of how much cheaper the GameCube became. I didn’t know that XBOX and GameCube were dead even worldwide… anybody have any reasons/WAGs why?

‘PSX DESR-7000’, is the next generation PlayStation. It will be on sale here in japan by the years end. Check it out at:

The PSX is not, strictly speaking, a new generation console. It is a hybrid gaming machine/entertainment system and the specifications of the included console are identical to the PS2.

BBC News Article - PSX

Since game console technology and PC technology are now very similar, you could get a good idea what will be in the next gen by studying PC technology (processors, graphics cards, etc) and looking at forthcoming products. The PS2 already has poor performance compared to a top of the range PC. To be competitive, based on the last crop of consoles, when the next console is released it would have to match the PCs of its time in graphics and sound.

PS2 was being outperformed by top performance PC’s when it was released, now, it’s completely obselete in PC terms.

I agree with refusal though. Consoles will attempt to utilze the current computer technology at release. So by keeping an eye on PC gaming hardware you’ll be taking a peek at what is to come for video game consoles.