Which next-generation video game system for you?

Just curious, what next-generation system are you intending to buy? Playstation 2, Xbox, or Nintendo’s Dolphin?
I was hooked on buying a Playstation 2 but now I’m thinking the Xbox might be the better bet. How 'bout you?

i want a playstation2!! I also want the 300 dollars to buy it with!!

none. i prefer my computer still :slight_smile:

I might do the PS2 if it can play DVDs…& cds, but at 300 bucks, thats more than a N64 & a new DVD player…

Yeah, but it can also surf the web, and it’s downwards compatible so you can play all the current Playstation games on it.

I’ll probably be getting the PS2 for a couple of reasons:

  1. DVD player
  2. I’ll be able to play most - if not all - of my old games on it.

Nintendo hasn’t had many games I’m interested in for quite a while and I have no idea what the library of games XBox will have.

I was definately inclined toward the PS2 becuase I liked the idea of backward capability with PS games. I currently own a N64 and have coveted many of the PS titles. There have also been alot of troubles with the Japanese release of the new Playstaytion with freeze-ups etc.
They’re supposedly being worked out for the American release, but ya never know.
For PS2 info got to:

The Xbox however boasts to be twice as fast and looks like it’ll be a lot easier to design games for. The PS2 is supposedly very difficult and consequently some game developers are shying away. It also has 4 ports for game controllers as opposed to PS2’s 2 controllers. For Xbox specs go to:

And the Dolphin? Well the only thing Nintendo has said, is essentially no dvd movie capability and 4 controller ports. Nintendo makes great games but has a horrible track record of releasing anything on time or in any quantity.

So far, nothing has come close to Dr. Mario and Super Tecmo Bowl on the 8 bit Nintendo. Until then, I will just stick with my old fashioned ways.

playstation 2 is my favourite for now. one reason really. metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty. have you seen the trailer? this game looks ridiculous!

but i’ll probably buy all 3 systems, anyway.

What about the dreamcast?
It’s here now, has graphics on par with the PSX2, and has online support and all kinds of neat peripherals.
I mean, sure, I’ll have a PSX2 and an Xbox when they come out, but counting out the Dreamcast is a mistake. They’re going to be half the price of a PSX2, and if you sign up for an ISP to go with it, you can get one free!
Sony has a tendency to release any old crap for the PSX. So far 90% of the dreamcast games have been very good, with only a few flops.
Xbox is an unknown… if it’s just PC conversions, I won’t be too interested… I have a kick ass game PC already. But with the specs it’s promising, it will be a hell of a console machine.
Nintendo… well, can’t speculate on a machine that’s more than 2 years off…

just my good 'ol PC thanx. with 384MB RAM in a PIII 500Mhz system, and a kick ass ATI all in wonder 32MB card, my Unreal Tournament and StarCraft are all i need.

There’s one option that you’re overlooking: The Dreamcast. Yes, I’m biased because I own one, but lemme give you a quick rundown of these systems vs. the DC.
-has nothing out for it yet other than an average Ridge Racer, and Dead or Alive 2 (and the DC version is better). It is a new system but I have yet to see any “must purchase” games for it.
-No released games display anti-aliasing ability, leading some to speculate that it can’t do it or it is too difficult to implement. I’ll wait and see before I judge that one.
-Has backwards compatibility with most Playstation games. However Bleem! (a PS emulator) is planned for the DC.
-The DVD does not have DTS. And it doesn’t even have a cordless remote!
-It can “surf the web”. However, the DC can do this (built in 56K modem), has downloads to memory card available via the web, and has one game currently out in the US that supports online play (Chu Chu Rocket, a puzzler) and many more planned.

Is basically a modified PC for gaming only. So you’ll be getting pretty much only PC ports. The Dreamcast runs a version of Windows CE so it can handle PC ports w/o problem. Otherwise, I’d just play PC games on my PC (Personally, I’m not a big fan of PC games in general).
-There are very few confirmed games for it.

-So little is known about this system that speculation is meaningless at this point.

As opposed to the DC which has 60+ titles, ports of almost all Sega arcade games (which are typically top notch- anyone that’s played Bass Fishing w/ the fishing rod can back me up), supports online play, a large US fanbase, and games of most every genre already, and, if you pay for SegaNet (ISP) the system is free. Yes, it has mediocre controllers and the online play isn’t where it should be but at this point it easily bests the PS2.

Don’t get me wrong- I’ll buy a PS2 (or Dolphin or XBOX) if it comes out tomorrow with some really good games for it- I’m not a diehard Sega fan. But at this point it really i dominating the field. Talk to anyone who went to the recent E3 and they’ll back that up.

yikes! there is a very good reason a dreamcast is left off the list, i am sure.

sega screws people over, let us count the ways.

32x. Sega CD. Saturn.

sega has a history of releasing the next-gen system first, before other companies. then when the other companies do better, they stop having games made.

My sentiments exactly Kilgore.

I currently own a PSX and an N64.

I have plans on purchasing the PSX2 for all of the reasons listed above, DVD player, backward compatability, graphics etc.
I refuse to purchase another Sega system hot off the assembly line. They definately have to prove themselves to me first.


I agree that Sega does have a shady track record with releasing new systems and then no games to back them up.

Having said that, I think the Dreamcast is an exception. It’s the first Sega system I’ve ever owned (And I think I have owned a few…Atari 2600, 5200, Intellivision, Colecovision, NES, SNES, N64, PSX) and it is the shit. Honestly.

Crazy Taxi. Dead or Alive 2. Resident Evil: Code Veronica. NFL2K. Rayman 2. And buttloads more. My god, I could spend a week playing those games with no food, air, water, or sleep. The games are that good.

Damn, now I wanna go home and play.

::Feigns sickness and wobbles over to bosses office::

The Saturn was a damn fine machine at the time too… unfortunately, all the good games never got made in the US, and the onslaught of the PSX fairly well killed the Saturn in the US market.
I challenge someone to rent a dreamcast, Soul Calibur, and Crazy Taxi, and not want to buy one. If you like Sports Games, add in NFL2k, and fans of platform games should check out MDK2 or Rayman 2 depending on age. Oh, and Time Stalkers for RPG fans… and Hydro Thunder for race fans… and well… it’s got the games… hard to choose a bad one. Except for Blue Stinker, but that was just sad… would have been sad on any system.

LOL, don’t forget Dr. Mario! (Whee!)

I’m with you, though. I still have a SEGA 16 bit that I hardly ever play; and I only got that because someone stole my Atari2600! :wink:

I think I’ll (eventually) get a PS2.

Not just because of the DVD capability or the backwards compatability (which, from what I’ve heard, was exagerated) but because of the fact that Square is making games for it. Final Fantasy rules the world, and is the only reason I got my PSX. ^__^;; (Which I happen to be playing at just this exact moment, finally got a copy of FFVIII.)

Hey- I owned a SegaCD and currently own a Saturn (I bought it used cheap) so I went into the DC purchase with my eyes open (lest you think I’m a Sega lackey I also own an N64, SNES, NES, Sega Nomad, Atari 2600, Intellivision, and TG16) And Sega is not ditching out on the DC anytime soon. The problem with the Saturn vs. the PSx was that Sega designed it as a 2D processing machine- it handles all the shooters and Capcom fighters (X-Men vs. Street Fighter being one of the all-time best) much better than the Playstation. But it was horrible at 3D, which Sony (properly) predicted would be the future of games. Sega saw this, cut their losses, and developed the DC.

MadP, you didn’t like Blue Stinger? Granted it wasn’t amazing or anything but I picked it up for $20 used ad enjoyed it (despite the funky camera angles and wack control). The weapons later in the game (like the rail gun) made it worthwhile. And I recommedn Rayman2 to anyone regardless of age- I used a sick day on that game.

don’t get me wrong, the dreamcast is a great system with greeat games.

all i am saying is that the sega pattern is to release a great system, then ditch it when the other companies release a better one.
but anyway, go track down the metal gear solid 2 trailer.