The next person who pisses me off is getting one of these

cute kind of the weak little brother of the ultimate prank device we made a few years back. Same basic concept, but, the timer variance was random between 20 to 240 minutes and it was wired into a car horn.

a great gag made for an office!

need a few for my co workers.


Or sticking it to the bottom of a drawer. Even if they did track it to the right area, they would start going though the drawers. Open the drawer below it and it would get louder, but emptying that drawer would prove fruitless, where to look now. If you stuck it inside a computer they may just consider it a random computer noise.

Now putting inside someones car somewhere. That’s a whole 'nother world of possibilties. They’ll ignore the first few (probably check the cell phone each time it beeps), but then what?
Do you pull over to find it? Probably not. Do you look for it when you reach your distination, nah whatever it is will stop next time you get in the car. lather rinse repeat.