The Noise Inside of Your Computer

Grease the WIRING??? Oh goodness gracious. Would that be a delicate drop or two of the Radio Shack Teflon Lube Gel, or a generous slathering of 10W-40??? I’ve never heard of such a thing, and besides, aside from iMacs, no computer I have ever seen HAS a lube point on it. ( The iMac has a lubrication point, it is nesteled between the Arrogance Processor and the Superiority Fan ). Seriosly… one does NOT lube a computer’s wiring, does one?.. I am skeered now…


Typer ( clearly a PC lover ).

Typer, if you would please provide a link to the Mailbag item you’re commenting on, it would help the rest of us. See the topic “ADMINISTRATIVE REQUEST” – I think it’d be helpful from now on if people include such links in the first post of the topic. Thanks!