The NRA Blacklist--To what purpose?

I did an archive search and didn’t find any posts concering this list of persons and organizations on the National Rifle Association’s blacklist.

Now, this sort of list smacks of Nixon and McCarthy to me. I would suspect that if questioned, the NRA would claim that they are only encouraging members not to patronize listed businesses. But then you have to wonder why individuals such as doctors are listed there.

And then your mind just has to ultimately take you to the conclusion that there must be a blacklist of ordinary citizens that isn’t published, and what the purpose of such a list might be.

So what are they really after here and why are they exhorting members to email this enemies list to others? I can’t figure out if this is just more wacko-right nonsense or if I should be alarmed by it all.

Any thoughts?

Beagledave noted the list and asked Are you on the NRA “list”? over in the BBQ Pit.

Regardless about one’s feelings about the NRA, I can’t see getting too upset. The NRA is an advocacy group. Their political position (on a narrow range of subjects) is opposed by a number of different advocacy groups. It is in their interest to let the NRA membership know which other organizations oppose NRA activity. Since NRA members are quite likely to be affiliated with (or members of) those organization that favor stricter gun control, providing a list of “anti-gun” organizations to the NRA membership provides that membership a way to challenge the leadership of any other organizations to which they might also belong.

Since the NRA list makes no editorial comments about the organizations, (no calls for boycotts, stock proxy fights, or demands for changes in leadership) and not even a condemnation of their practices (aside from the obvious point that the groups are on the opposite side of the political fence regarding gun control), I see no reason to get upset. It is just information.

I have mixed feelings about the NRA. I agree with their defense of the right to bear arms (and arm bears,) but I’m dismayed by their blind loyalty to Republicans. Considering the slim margins, it’s not unreasonable to say that their support put G.W. Bush in the white house. That makes me mighty uncomfortable, and that’s my humble opinion.