The Nth Annual "What do you want for Christmas?" thread

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whichever holiday(s) you “do,” whaddya want?

Or to put it another way, tell me what you want so I can get ideas for stuff that I want, or stuff to get others on my list. :slight_smile:

Not sure that what I want will help you. I want gift certificates to my school’s bookstore, to help with textbooks for next semester. I’d love gas cards but the gas station I use doesn’t have them (small, independently owned, full serve, lowest cost in town). I also want a very inexpensive netbook with a keyboard that actually works every time (unlike my current one).

I think I want at least one of everything at American Science and Surplus

Problem is what I REALLY want is a house to put it all in :slight_smile:
Right now I’ll settle for a job that will pay off bills so we can get stable again. :slight_smile:

A new roof.

And a weather vane to go on it.


I think I’d like a playpen or crate so I can take my indoor cats out in the yard. I won’t get it.

A laptop; a reader (probably Kindle Fire); a Volcano; an epic, hand-blown bong; and a surprise goody bag from a dispensary in Colorado (a few grams of this, a few grams of that, a little of this edible, a little of that edible, etc. Surprise me.).

I have something you don’t have!!! I have a weathervane!!! I have an old TV antenna too. I do need a new roof though.

True, but I still have horses in my front yard (well, in the field behind the farm, most of the time). I removed the TV antenna when I painted the house last month. And I will buy a weather vane.


Horses in the front yard totally beat out the weathervane, especially since mine is so old it stops working regularly.

I’m not big on Christmas, so I don’t really have a list. I, my mom, and my sister all buy for each other, and that’s it. I’ll be getting an Avenue gift card and the comforter set I wanted from Walmart (we’re not big on surprises). And my mom might toss me some money for my car, but probably not.

I want a Reason pendant from Surlyramics.

Season 10 of Smallville.
A new karate gi.
Assurance that, a year from now, things will be better.

All the used paperbacks that I have on my Amazon Wish List.
A deep fat fryer.
A blender.
Some flavored vodka to pour in the blender so frying up some dip dogs at 3a.m. will seem like a good idea.

While reading, right?

Bah, weathervanes!!! Anyone can have a weathervane. You don’t really have a weathervane unless you have a Synchro-Selsyn to go with it! That should be the next item on your Xmas list!

Clothes. I lost a bunch of weight, and I look redonkulous. I want to donate these elephant sized threads to the charity-based second-hand place, because I know someone will love them, but can’t afford a new wardrobe on my own, dammit.

Does this mean I’m an adult now?

Peace on Earth and goodwill toward man.

Unfortunately nobody can give me the Peace part, the goodwill part is all me. Phooey.

Guess I’ll ask for a Kindle Fire.

A golden retriever puppy. But my cats would eat it so that’s probably not a good idea. Forty pound of kitty against one puppy would not make for a happy puppy.

I’m buying woodworking tools for myself: planes, chisels, squares, that sort of thing.

This is on my wish list:

ETA: the AR.Drone 2.0 quad-copter, with built in 720p camera. You control it with your tablet/phone. It has on on-board flight-recorder to prove you’ve accomplished the community’s challenges.