The Obvious Child

What is Paul Simon’s song The Obvious Child about?
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I’m bumping this 'cuz I want toknow the answer too. Maybe a mod could put it in Cafe society?

Is that the actual title? I know it’s a part of the lyrics. I have interpreted it as “Why deny the obvious, Child?”

My guitar teacher, who is a huuuuuge Paul Simon fan and music trivia whiz, had us play this for class a few months ago. He said Paul got back from Brazil, and decided to disconnect the analytical songwriter part of his brain for a while and try to be more spontaneous. He would take a rubber ball, bounce it against a wall to get the rhythm, and free-associate by just blurting out words. Sometimes they rhymed, sometimes they didn’t. He blurtedinto a tape recorder, and whenever he came up with something he likd, he’d expound on it.

Sounds like an awfully slow way to go about songwriting, but hey, it seems to have worked for him. So I don’t know if the song means anything in particular.