The Office 10-9-08 - Business Ethics

I thought that this episode had some pretty good moments, expecially Jim’s talk with Andy about Battlestar Galactica.

Meredith’s “meet-ups” to procure discounted supplies really surprised me, but somehow her acceptance of steak coupons didn’t…

I was really hoping that we would hear something from Creed during the ethics training confessions. I am sure that he has some pretty big ethics violations under his belt.

Also, I don’t know what to think about the dynamic between Michael and Holly. For a while it looked like they were going to make Michael hate her, like he did Toby (I thought it was pretty funny when instead of pouring her a cup of coffee he walked out of the break room with his coffee mug AND the coffee pot). However, by the end of the episode, it seemed like they were back to awkwardly smiling at each other again. From a purely comedic perspective, I think that it would be funnier if Holly was made to be Michael’s foil in the office, but that’s just my opinion.

I didn’t love the episode, but I did enjoy seeing Michael resist Holly’s efforts to follow corporate policy SO hard. If it hadn’t been for his crush on her, I think he WOULD have started treated her more like he treated Toby. And of course, even though corporate backed him in the end (which just struck me as ridiculous), he couldn’t COMPLETELY let it go. He still wanted to figure out how to say “I told you so.”

The “Battlestar Gallactica” conversation (and Dwight’s reactions, of course) was pretty great, along with Dwight’s interjections about Andy getting poisoned and cuckolded during the meeting.

Overall, though, it just felt like a weak episode.

I loved the Michael/Holly routine…“Let’s get Ethical”, and the exchange between Jim and Dwight was ok, but I agree, it was mostly weak.

The restaurant business meeting was pretty funny too. That restaurant was just dreadful.

I liked how the arc of the episode showed that Michael is more concerned about his employees than the corporation. He stood up for Meredith. And then when corporate backlashed against Holly, he supported her. He really does think of the office as his family.

Anyone else expecting a return of the pre-anger-management course Andy once he finds out about Dwight?

That restaraunt actually exists here. It’s pretty popular. The show’s portrayal of the interior seemed pretty accurate.

I think the ending showed that Michael actually listened to Jim’s advice for a moment and chilled out.

What we have seen of Michael we know that after that hellish car ride, he would normally stomp off like a baby and carry a grudge and just continue to escalate the level of boorishness and awkwardness between himself and others in the office.

Instead - and I think it’s because he has glomed on to the idea of being Holly’s Friend - he did what he was supposed to do and supported Holly, which ultimately helped the office. And it went well and things will be good.

I liked that he threw out her salad, then offered to split the bill. So of course over lunch, it looked like he had two lobsters while she had salad.

I loved Dwight’s “maybe I’m not that ethical” as Angela buttons her collar…
And the reaction to Pam and Jim’s engagement

“You know she’s not a virgin”

“I thought you already were engaged”

I love Dwight’s response to “would you steal bread to feed your family” especially referring to Alpha males cuckolding the other who think it’s there family. And then Angela’s reaction.

Things I learned:
Dwight takes 19 minutes with Angela (That includes the time to get to their secret spot and back)

Andy took an ethics course… twice

I liked the expression on Dwight’s face when Jim said “It’s pretty much a shot for shot remake.”

Also, Creed doesn’t know Jim’s name. “The tall guy got engaged.”

I also liked it when he jumped in front of her at the copier, but then realized he had nothing to copy, so he took a picture off the wall and started making copies of that.

I don’t think it’s unrealistic, though. I think a lot of companies have elaborate ethics policies because they’re supposed to have them, and it makes for good CYA material if something goes wrong. The corporate HR guy was just being candid with Holly when he told her that, basically, her job was to get everyone’s signature on the ethics training form, and he didn’t understand why such a simple task had turned into a controversial problem.

Not ethics, “Intro to Philosophy.”

I :Dd and laughed out loud when Michael tackle-hugged Jim, the two of them crashed to the ground, and you hear Pam’s voice over the speaker “Sorry” as they go to the credits. Like she knows exactly what happened from that sound, and was just a bit too slow to warn Jim in advance.

And the thing that really got Michael ‘icy mad’ at Holly was when she said that the office wasn’t really a family, it was just a business.

I enjoyed this episode, I did have a problem with corporate not being at all concerned about Meredith’s behavior. I did think it was funny that the binder Holly had to read from was mostly a formality. Reminds me of where I work.

I like that Holly and Michael could fight without totally hating each other. I hope it means that Michael may have someone by his side who’s opinion he’s willing to at least consider. Michael is in desperate need of someone who can help him be a little more well-rounded.

I Miss Pam already. Just heard her voice in this one.:frowning:

That just tickles me to no end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a ‘behind the scenes’ reason that Pam is off to art school, i.e., to cover for a real life pregnancy or something? Or is this simply plot-related?

This is just a wild arsed guess, but wasn’t she in an accident at some point last year?

Would I be too much like Dwight to point out what seems to be an inconsistency here? I thought that Hammermill Paper had an exclusive sales agreement with Staples until Michael negotiated a deal with them during the convention a couple of years ago. But in last night’s episode, Meredith said that she’s been “negotiating” a discount on Hammermill products for six years.

Yes, but that was before the filming for last season started. Not sure if it’s relevant.

And the near conniption when Jim mentioned the “Klingons and Wookies”…