The Office, Get The Girl, March 15, 2012

While Andy goes to tell Erin he loves her, Nellie shows up and tries to be a manager.
I like that Andy felt it was more important to get Erin than to deal with what Jim had to say.

God I hate that unfunny woman (Nellie). I hope she won’t be around too long. I’m worried that Robert is going to demote Andy and let her stick around as manager (although maybe not if she keeps handing out raises like candy).

I haven’t cared for the Nellie character until this episode. She won me over too with her Tinkerbell gag. Pam’s “seduction” was hilariously spot on.

Who plays the “old lady” in Florida? I recognize her from somewhere. Laugh-In? Smother Bros? Carol Burnett? Surely something from that era.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Georgette, Ted’s wife, played by Georgia Engel. It was bugging us, too. :slight_smile:

Was the son smoking on the roof with his shirt off supposed to be funny? My wife cracked up at that; I just nodded. I guess it says more about my upbringing.

I think the reveal that he was sitting up there during their entire conversation was where the real comedy was.


making time to discuss Andy’s idea for water sculptures while Erin wanted to talk about their relationship was a nice touch.

Robert’s nature and sex analogies were hilarious. Paraphrasing:

“Sex analogy or nature analogy?”
“When animals are having sex…”


I’m almost getting the feeling that there’s something going on between Robert and Nellie. He should have fired her in Florida. He should have stepped right in in Scranton and put her in her place. He did neither…he let her do whatever she wanted and applauded. Now, we know he takes a sadistic glee in messing with people, and some might think that explains his not putting her in her place and letting the staff try to figure out what’s going on…but she’s undermining his authority, not to mention the payroll budget. He doesn’t seem the type to put up with that. Is it because she’s a friend of Jo’s? Or is it something else?

I hope it turns out she’s blackmailing Robert or something…though she doesn’t really seem smart enough to pull that off.

I enjoyed Nellie this week, her character really improved and went from being potentially a good character to actually being one. Just coming into the office and taking a squatter’s approach to Andy’s job was a funny move. Also, is she wearing tighter clothes now or what? She’s kinda hot now. I can’t wait to see Andy’s reaction when he gets back, though I’m afraid he will just be his usually pussy self and cede the job to Nellie

My impression is that Nellie and Jo (previously played by Kathy Bates) are very close friends and Robert is not going to cross Nellie and have her go spend her time badmouthing Robert to Jo when Robert is just as unqualified as Nellie.

she was also robert’s mother in law on “everybody loves raymond”.
in regards to andy and erin. ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! they were pretty much together by the end of season 6. only for the writers then to back track on it and have them “break up” between 6 and 7 and stuck her with gabe to stretch out what ended up being a good thing.

anyone else feel nellie to be kinda similair to gervais’s old UK office character? (besides being british)

This. Robert as much as said so in this and prior episodes.

I think I might be done with this show. I can’t even explain how much I hate the Nellie character, or possibly the actress who plays her. I was waiting for Andy & Erin to get together, but I don’t think I care enough to stick around to see how that plays out.

I think Nellie fits right in with the David Brent/Michael Scott tradition if the show.

I hate Nellie. I hate every second she’s on screen. She’s so repellent to me that despite all the flaws of recent seasons, SHE is the reason that I am considering not watching any more.

Probably that’s all there is to it. I’m just hoping some juicier story line comes along.

Put me in the “hate Nellie” camp.

Nellie’s annoying as fuck which depresses me because I’ve seen Catherine Tate be absolutely hilarious in other shows. (Ok, mostly her own show, but still.)

“There’s always one around. Have you ever heard of buying a toothbrush?”

I love Catherine Tate (being a Doctor Who fan) so I have been rooting for Nellie, somewhat disappointedly in previous episodes, and I’m delighted to see the character get fleshed out. This is the first time I’ve laughed as much at an episode of the Office in a long time. She truly harkens back to the excellent first couple of seasons where Michael was an absolutely excruciating boss, and manages to do it in an original style as well.

She is a horrible, horrible character in many ways, but that’s the point – if she’s not setting your teeth on edge a bit, she’s doing it wrong. The absurdity of basically squatting to get the job is hilarious. I’m glad to see the show go back to its traditions and be less of a damn soap opera.

Love it.