The Office Of The Vice President vs WHITEHOUSE.ORG parody website
The parody website got a letter from the Office Of The Vice President, requesting that they delete the picture and bogus biography of Lynne Cheney, Vice President Cheney’s wife from their site:

They cite several case that I assume support their assertation that it is illegal to user her name an image for the pruposes of trade without her written consent, or to portray her in a false light.

Do the laws protecting parody and satire supercede the laws referenced in the letter?

I’ve seen headlines in “The Onion” claiming that Presdient Clinton declared himself President-for-Life, Strom Thurmond had a homosexual experience with a man in D.C., and that Henry Kissinger was found passed out drunk at the “U.S. New and World Report Mansion.”
Public figures are pretty much fair game, if I’m not mistaken.

But what about

It’s freedom of speech. They can’t touch it.

The argument they could make is that by referring to themselves as, they are fraudulently representing themselves as the government.

I didn’t say it was a good argument.

Parody is absolutely protected free speech. The letter is just an attempt at intimidation, it has no force of law behind it. Notice the language is all just phrased as a “request,” with no “or else” following it up. The VP doesn’tb have a leg to stand on here. I hope that mailed back a hearty eff you.

It does show that the Cheneys have absolutely no sense of humor or any ability at all to take a joke. I hope Lynn Cheney goes out of her mind with rage about this.

I think in this case it is more the threat of the lawsuit than the actual winning of the lawsuit is the problem. Lawsuits you win still cost money.

Still, a public lawsuit would make the Cheneys look thin-skinned and anti-libertarian.

Hell the ACLU would probably take on the case just to be able to antagonize Dick cheney.

They have nothing on Period. What’s funny is reading all of the feedback that they receive from normal people who think that is really the white house’s true website. Unfortunately, not too many people are bright enough to realize that the real white house doesn’t have a vulture on it’s seal, or that the real website is

Sad, but true.

Why would Cheney care about looking anti-Constitutional? Hell, his administration is practically turning the government into an appendage of the Christian faith. I say his, because Bush really is just a puppet… He has no say in anything.

Doesn’t Cheney know the First Rule of the Locker Room? If you let it be known there’s something you don’t like said, or a name you don’t want to be called, then that’s all you’re ever going to hear from then on.

I know that rule. Haven’t found anyone who could explain it succinctly yet. Take a shot?

People enjoy antagonizing other people. Therefore, if you reveal a way in which they can antagonize you, they will.

Unfortunately, not too many people are bright enough to realize that the real white house doesn’t have a vulture on it’s seal, or that the real website is
True. But, visiting the real site proves the old saw “Truth is stranger than fiction”. Really strange. And Whackier.

I don’t know about that. If that philistine in the White House pushes through "Patriot Information Act II’’ than not even our late night musings on this message board will be sacrosanct.

This is the bane of parody websites. Something Awful has had to take down a couple of Photoshop contests simply because they cannot afford to go to court, even though they would win.

From the site mentioned:

I certainly hope this is a parody. :eek:


Very discerning on your part. I missed that ‘sire’ business. Although, on second thought, maybe it would apply with that couple? Nah, wishful thinking…:wink:

What’s an “assertation”? Is it something like a dissertation? Or is it more like a desertation?

Heh. I guess I was trying for “assertion” and missed. Do’h!