Real Ninja-Lawsuit Pending?

I was just surfing around the web when I found this website..

It’s pretty funny I suppose-well I’m guessing the author is joking anyway.

What concerns me is this, which seems a little illegal. I’m of course assuming that the author of the website completely fabricated this article, based on this:

The page, looks like a valid CNN website page. Have I been swooshed here?

Woosh. Look at the domain name - It’s a fake.


The author of the website is a college student and a writer. I heard him interviewed on NPR.

This is so stupid that I’m gonna die laughing! :smiley:

Yup, if you look at the top of the browser it says “Judge rules against cameras in sniper suspect trial - Dec 12, 2002”

Also the site is hosted on and not

Usually a pretty good indicator :wink:


Ninjas are awesome!

I was actually wooshed when someone posted that fake-CNN link in a thread on, so you’re not the only one.

Hmm…the thread was about realultimatepower, on the SDMB. :wink:

I figured it was probably a fake-CNN page, but I’m wondering is it legal to have a webpage like that, you know?

Incidentally what’s also funny is this.

If you pay attention to the names, check out the guestbook, the ultimate “ninja” makes the first post!


If only we could change our usernames for a day.

Rob Hamburger has a nice ring to it.

It’s the Hamburglar’s alias!

What are you asking would be illegal?

I would guess the laying a huge dook in the middle of the courtroom part.

I’m asking if making a CNN unathorized webpage, such as the guy did, is legal.

For example, could I make up a story and put it on a webpage that looked like it came from the Washington Post.

Munch-I’m pretty sure that’s illegal :smiley:

Once I saw a faked Microsoft Knowledge Base article titled “Read The F*cking Manual”, that the faker had managed to get posted somehow to I was duely impressed.

Except that it’s pretty obviously parody, which is fair use.

Totally sweet! :smiley:

Parody is fair use.

Meatros! Ninjas are good cooks too!

What’s worse is that the guy on the left has trigger finger off the trigger.

Feh. Some “mall security” outfit that is. . . :smiley: