Hot Manatee Action!!!eleven!!

Monday night on the Conan O’Brien show, they did a sketch about fictional (but hopefully humorous) NCAA football mascots. One that they presented was the FSU Webcam Manatee, where they had someone come out in a manatee costume and act sexy while Pender (a band member) sat drooling over his laptop computer watching it. Conan quipped that Pender must be watching

Tonight, Conan announced that he got a call from…erg, don’t remember who exactly, but some legal department with the network. They informed him that if he mentions a website that doesn’t exist (even as a joke), they could get in legal trouble; so NBC had to register the domain in order to avoid legal trouble.

The show then saw fit to at least put something up there to look at…so…they are asking for amateur pics/video of horny manatees.

In case you have any.


It’s worth a look for a laugh, plus they’ve got an email for submissions.

There’s a “Man on Manatee” page.

Heh. I followed along with that sketch, though I thought he was going to take it in a different direction: I expected him to start naming all sorts of random non-existant websites just to screw over the network.

Thanks for the link! I’m all over that page!

::hands Manatee a flipper-full of tissues::

It’s totally nonsensical and probably not very culturally relevant, but I thought it was a funny manifestation of red tape overload.

Manatees are HAWT!!!

Yes. Yes, we are.

Ah, you’re back!

Did you enjoy your Memphis vacation? :smiley: :cool:

Is that Troy McClure?

You might recognize him from such Beastiality skin flicks and “Moby’s Dick” and “The real Sperm Whale.” :smiley:

Yeah, but I was a little disappointed that they wouldn’t let me into Graceland.

That’s hilarious…

Huh? This cannot be. Makes no sense at all. I believe this is a mega whoosh. By Conan of course. People are forever mentioning fake websites on TV shows.

It may be a “mega whoosh,” but while people mention fake websites on TV, the ones that I’ve personally looked up end up being real, if only after the fact.

The Simpsons have mentioned a few (such as “”), but if you go to them, you’ll find content from the show.

I watched Conan again tonight, and he claims they’ve had over 1.5 million hits on the website, as well as thousands of submissions. So, whoosh or not, it’s a mini-cultural-phenomenon, and you heard it here first.

You may thank me or spank me, it’s pretty much the same thing at this time of night…

It grows…IT GROWS!!!

Like the kelp forests of the Florida Keys (are there kelp forests around America’s Wang? Manatees have to eat something), the website grows. Last week (before they started rerunning the Chicago shows–which have been awesome, btw), they mentioned 16 million hits in just a few weeks.

Take THAT, YouTube!

You can buy t-shirts, y’know…

You can also donate (for real) money to help save REAL manatees, not just horny ones (but probably those, too).

This is truly the Internet coming into its own.

Okay, I forgot the important stuff:

1: It was NBC’s Standards Department that imposed the edict requiring the purchase of the website.

2: The purchase of a fictitious website mentioned on the air is an NBC policy, not a universal law.

3: I hope that I am done humiliating myself here.

Heh, heh, heh…“Manateen”…

(okay, evidently I’m NOT done…)


Mature Manatees.

Thanks to this website, I have now wasted an hour of my valuable Saturday. And I couldn’t be happier. (Shoveling 6" of snow out of my parents’ driveway sucked ass.)

But are you horney?

(Send in a picture.)

People don’t do that sort of thing with manatees!

Is there a MILF page?

You know, “Manatees I’d Love to…”

Ah. forget it…


Rico, such a page is unnecessary, as everyone would like to…you know…ALL manatees!