The Office: "Secret Santa" (open spoilers)

This one started off as yet another episode of Michael being pathetic and humiliated, but picked up in the second half. It had some nice stuff – the 12 drummers drumming, Pam trying to set up Oscar with the warehouse guy, and Michael’s turn-around after finding out D-M had been sold.

My favorite line was Angela’s quiet little “amen” after Michael said that Stanley was going to Hell for committing adultery.

I’m sad to see Wallace is out. He may have been bad at what he did, but he was always extremely generous to Michael.

I had the same impressions as Dio. It seems a lackluster solution to the wrench thrown into the office this year, but the episode itself was pretty damn good. Seemed like an episode you see David Brent’s influence on Michael’s character. I know that was said last episode, but I think this was lot more like Brent as we’ve seen him.

“The first 8 days is basically 30 birds”

Really a return to the giggle inducing episodes for me last night, with only minimal caricutarization of Michael, and Jim being able to exert some authority. Good tidbits and one-offs from the secondary characters, really an emphasis on the ensemble instead of Michael/ Jim/ Pam.

And David Wallace is an absolutely inept executive overall, but I felt bad that the entire Scranton branch was celebrating while he was getting canned.

So Angela and Darryl are becoming an item? I hope they aren’t starting down the path of every possible romantic coupling must get a few episodes of airtime that so many shows do.

Dwight’s list of possibilities for his gift was great - Aardvark trap, beaver trap, gun, man trap, lobster trap…
Kelly’s reaction to her Twilight poster was great as well.

When Michael dunked his Santa hat in the punch, I burst out laughing. Did not see that coming.

I enjoyed this one. A bunch of good laughs, and as Theodore mentioned, good use of the whole ensemble. These office-party types of episodes usually allow the cast to really shine.

In fact, I kind of wished they’d have given the corporate story a rest and just made it a stand-alone Christmas episode. (Dwight even put his diabolical plan on hold for the holidays, so can we go a week without hearing about D-M’s impending bankruptcy?)

Anyway, plenty of fun stuff.
Michael as “bitter, petulant Jesus.”
“They’re the only two gay people I know - but they belong together!”
“Get a room, Santas!”

Andy’s 12 Days of Christmas bit was a little over-the-top, but still worth a few chuckles.

ETA: Angela and Darryl? I think I missed that.

There’s already a thread:

This was by far the funniest episode in a long time.

“Good thing Russia no longer exists.”
“My last name is Christ. I have the power of flight.”
Kevin’s singing.
Good part for Phyllis, who hasn’t gotten to do much lately.
Meredith: “No, I get it.”

I also enjoyed this episode, especially seeing Dwight back to his old self: “I’m just tired. The days are short. I don’t know. Maybe I’m depressed.”

There were so many good moments, from Oscar’s crush to Dwight assembling the nutcracker, and Michael’s Angry Jesus, who “ruined the party.” I think my favorite bit was Kelly getting overwhelmed at receiving the New Moon poster.

It was pretty good. At least it wasn’t sucky like many of this season’s offerings. And it was followed by a pretty good ep of 30 Rock.

I liked that Christ could heal leopards.

I missed the first few minutes.
What happened to Erin’s face?

Her Secret Santa (Andy) thought it would be a good idea to give her the gifts from “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. As he said “The first 8 days is basically 30 birds.” Apparently the birds did not get along well in her apartment.

Hey, just added that up, and he got it wrong. - there’s only 6 days of birds - 1-4, 6, 7, and they add up to 23.

Ah, thanks.
Plus aren’t there golden rings in there?

Five of them.

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I thought the part where Kevin sat on Michael’s lap, crushing him, while he thought about what he wanted for Christmas was hilarious.

And they let that one lie, even though he must have given them to her already - there was a quick shot of Andy wrangling some swans, which are #7.

I wonder how he managed the lords a leaping or the maids a milking.

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Very happy that this was a good episode after last week’s unwatchable disaster. Andy’s 12 days was a bit much, but I liked it overall.