The Office - Work Bus - 10/18/12

Well I wasn’t a fan of this episode, but I decided to make a thread about it anyway. Anyone agree? Disagree?

This episode was Directed by ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston.

Probably because of the RV/Bus similarities :wink:

I wanted to like it, since I love most things Cranston does, but meeeeeeh.

Not funny, and predictably, the “turmoil” in Jim’s and Pam’s relationship turned out to be nothing.

I missed the beginning. What was the deal with the bus and why was Jim so concerned about Dwight?

ETA: they have turned Kevin into basically a disabled person but him being a Pie Savant was pretty funny.

It was pretty funny when they stopped for the hitchhiker, who turned out to be Creed. I liked his expression when he realized that the bus was full of his co-workers.

There was bad wiring in the building, which Dwight ignored until he was told by Jim that one of it’s side effects could be infertility. He also popped a few kernels of microwave popcorn, and put it by Dwight’s desk, convincing him that where he sat was a ‘hot-spot’. Jim thought Pam would be impressed, (because he really wanted to make up for the fact that he didn’t tell Pam of his new venture), if he got her, and everyone else, a paid week off while Dwight fixes the building.

Instead, Dwight arranged for a work bus.

The reason why Dwight was so upset was because he failed to get Angela pregnant. Pam noticed something was up with him, and had Jim go up on the bus to talk to him.

I wish they’d get rid of Nellie. So far this season, I feel she brings the show to a screeching halt whenever she pops up.

Actually, I’ve been warming up to her this season. Andy is a huge jerk to her. She was funny learning to drive with Pam. And her side story this episode was one of the best things about this episode.

Thanks for the summary!

Daryl and New Dwight being left behind was a laugh out loud moment for me as was picking up Creed and the pie moments with Kevin. I didn’t like Nellie so much last season but I am warming up to her a bit now, so maybe the bit with her and Kellie will be an interesting angle.

I didn’t realize this was directed by Bryan Cranston, but that’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t put this in the top tier of the best and greatest Office eps, but it was pretty good.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode. There’s an interesting special guest. :X

*“Go buy THE WORLD a pie!”

“That’s impossible.”*

deleted scene I wish was part of the episode:

I liked it. I like where Erin bumped into Meridith on the work bus who bitched at her “Lose weight!” and Erin meekly said “I’m trying.”

Not their funniest episode, but I still liked it.

They are turning Andy into Michael Scott II and it isn’t working. Andy was never that mean. He has reason to dislike Nelli, granted. But the open, where he sboewed the staff a video of the softball game, basically with the intention of insulting them…Andy wouldn’t have done that. And it wasn’t funny.

Meh. Dwight had a legitimate complaint here. Jim really truly screwed him over, costing him a ton of money in repairs, and plenty more with the bus stuff. I thought for sure Dwight was going to call him on that, but instead they went with the lame infertility stuff.

Yeah, insulation on wiring is for wussies!

I agree that they’ve decided to just make Andy into Michael Scott 2.0 (now with rage issues!) but thankfully they’ve pivoted the focus of the show back to Jim and Pam and Andy is more of an ancillary character than Michael ever was.