The Office - Nov. 12, 2009 (open spoilers)

I thought this was one of the better episodes of this season. There were a few laugh out loud moments. I especially liked the ending with Michael, Andy and Dwight, and Pam edging her way out the door.

Have we seen the last of Creed?

Interesting you feel that way- I thought it was one of the worst episodes. I couldn’t find the funny. The opening and closing bumpers were the best parts, but the episode itself really fell flat for me.

I am not sure if this episode was written with funny in mind, more of a set-up episode than anything.

I really liked the Andy/ receptionist date sequence, and Andy’s inability to get out of his own way.

The Creed thing was predictable as soon as he got out of his car, but still made me giggle… I love Creed, and hope he returns.

I almost died when Oscar did his southern accent.

There were a few good moments, but I thought the episode was kind of meh overall.

Pam’s reaction to seeing Dwight hit himself down there during the martial art demonstration was great.

I’m sure Creed will return. He would have forgotten about what happened by the next day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy is such a dork.

Did anyone else notice the look on Angela’s face while Dwight was doing the martial arts demonstration? She looked kind of aroused, or at least as aroused as Angela ever gets.

Stanley cracks me up. He really didn’t want to participate, but stayed for the sandwiches. And Angela stayed for the baby carrots. Which probably never materialized.

Andy and Erin may be the perfect couple, poor things.

I agree that Creed will show up next day as if nothing had happened.

I haven’t gotten a firm handle on Erin’s persona yet, so I’m not sure if she dodged a bullet or not…

I think Creed should be gone for about four episodes or so.

liked Michael and Jim freaking out in their own way, it’s as if they were both in denial, but Michael’s was more a willful naivety.

“The most worthy opponent against you, is you”
“That is correct, unless there happens to be measles present”

I’m looking forward to see where this is going. I like the tension/drama episodes as well as the funny ones.

When David says that D-M will be out of money by the end of the year, does he really mean two months form now?

I’m wondering if he meant their fiscal year. Which perhaps ends in May?

I bet it means calendar year. When accounting has be told to stop sending out cheques, that’s bad. Kevin will have slightly less work to do.

Now he can pester Andy to perfect his Swedish Chef impersonation!

Yeah, you’re probably right.

Yeah, it was predictable, but the part with Creed was just perfect.

And Dwight figuring out it was the person he medium-suspected.

Anybody think that this ep is setting up the swan song for the series? DM goes broke and everybody goes their own way sorta thing?

Actually, Jim wasn’t really “in denial”. I guess I meant Michael’s way of dealing was both true to character, and perhaps truly good way to handle the situation in real life. For all the needless distractions Michael provides his team with, this wasn’t a bad time for him to impose his diversions; Where “Co-Boss Jim”, (not “Slacker Jim”) wants to actually be drowned in work treats Michael as if this is the worst possible time to be doing something like that.

I writers are doing some good work in at least accenting Michaels, (razor thin?), manigirial pros. They may be to the point where they’re actually being a little too hard on Jim, (and maybe even Pam’s character). Not that I wasn’t delighted to see Pam stuck in the stand-off at the end.

BTW; That little thread we had about spoilers and comertials. I stand by my; “Commercial’s should be ok to post about prior to the episode, but I wouldn’t out of curtisy to the rules”, stance… But I think the comercials are poorly cut together for this show in particular. I knew Pam was going to be in the stand off at the end. That was the whole joke. It would have been better had I not known it was going to happen.

I’m thinking about starting a “Parks” thread, but I don’t know if show has enough veiwers here to have any legs.

It’s interesting to think about. If this was the end of the season, that would be a great season opener. Although, it would mean that they would have to either find a way re-employ everyone, or build the season around life after Dunder.

Phyllis Lapin-Vance would be on late night comercials, modeling her husbans new line of refrigerators.

Kevin, I think, would be something less genaric as a fast-food employee – Maybe a crossing gaurd, (is he capable of that)?

Oscar’s pretty smart, he would land on his feet.

Angela maybe a generic job, who grooms cats on the side.

Andy might get lucky, and land another sales gig.

Ok… I’m going to stop now.

I’m wondering if they aren’t setting up something a la “UK Office Christmas Special” where they followed Ricky Gervais after he “left” the company. I’m pretty sure that would suck, although I would like to hear Michael Scott’s rendition of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”.

Creed will do whatever he has to do.

Poor Erin, she was so disappointed when Andy told her that he was not serious about the date.

Creed’s peeling out was telegraphed, but funny.

What the hell was Ryan wearing tonight?

Well, this was what was weird. Pam talking to Jim like DM was their only option, and what else would they do? Oscar is smart but he’s been at DM all this time–why? Maybe there really are no other jobs in the greater Scranton area?

And Jim trying to convince himself that DM is a good company–um, they sell paper in a time when paperless is the trend…he can’t be that naive?