The Official August 2003 "I Quit!" Thread, plus Sleep Apnea Treatment

Some of you may remember me mentioning my scheduled sleep study a few weeks ago. Last night, I went to the hospital and checked in at 7:00.

I smoked my last cigarette at 6:59 pm. I gave the rest of my pack away to a guy in the smoking area.

So, I didn’t get much sleep last night. The nurse ended up waking me up at different times. The first time was at 11:00 or so, after I went to bed at 10. I can’t remember what that one was for, but she mentioned that I had really bad apnea, and that she was going to hook me up to the CPAP machine. Whatever. Let me sleep!!! At 12:15 she came in and hooked up the machine. Then later, she brought a chin strap to keep my mouth closed. Then she woke me up at 5:30. GROOOOAAANNN! Off to work. (I looked at myself in the mirror—I looked like Hannibal Lecter!)

So. I am smoke free! My hands keep reaching for my cigarettes. They don’t even think! When I do think about it, I have to remind myself that I quit. There is this terrible feeling growing in my chest. It wants NICOTINE!!! It’s not too strong yet, but I have the feeling it is going to get louder.

Where is my gum?

So, did you get a mask and machine to take home?

No, the doctor has to review all the info, then they will give me the machine and stuff in about two weeks.

I love my CPAP. It drives me crazy at times, but I love knowing I will be able to sleep almost all the way thru the night. If I could lock the cat out of my room I’d make it the whole night.

Just remember, when you get your machine, if you have problems adjusting to it, don’t give up. I had some difficulty at the beginning learning how to relax and breathe, and not to open my mouth. I finally took to hooking up during the day for half-hour sessions while watching TV, just to get used to the sensation, and the awkwardness of the mask. Now I can’t wait to get that thing on so I can sleep!

Congrats on quitting, Dolores. I smoked my last cigarette Sunday night around 10 PM. It’s been a difficult couple of days but I hear that after the first 72 hours it’s not so terrible. Hang in there.

Good luck on your sleep apnea thing. May your future be filled with restful sleep.

Congrats on the quittin’ thing.

Clean the car, the house and your closet.

Febreeze or steam clean the smell out of your stuff, especially the car. Wipe down the inside of the glass, too.

Launder all clothing to remove residual smell. The furniture has the odor as well. The more of it you get rid of, the less desire to grab a smoke again, even a sneak.

Besides, after all that work, is a ciggie really worth what it would take to re-clean and deodorize everything you own?

It’s worked for me for 30 years. Or maybe i’m just too lazy.

Yeah, I’ve noticed my car really stinks! Even more than before. I have cleaned all the ashtrays in my house, but I haven’t had time to deep clean anything else. I will definitely get some Febreeze.

It’s not that bad! I can handle this. As long as there is no crisis in the near future, I should be fine. The weird feelings of reaching for a cig without thinking, and then remembering…that’s annoying.

I feel kinda sad…is that normal? Maybe it’s feeling sorry for myself, I don’t know. Is that part of the withdrawal?

Hang in there. I’ve never smoked but I’ve seen friends who did quit, and I know it’s not an easy road. Febreze is your friend!

As for the apnea, I’m very glad you’ve looked into it. I’m fully convinced that really bad apnea was at least a partial cause of my dad’s DEATH. So I am all for apnea treatment. My mom’s hubby has a CPAP and while I don’t know if he loves it, it sure has improved his sleep and his general mood. It also keeps the cat from sleeping on his face, an extra bonus.

If you get the machine, hang tough and keep on using it. The non-compliance with CPAP machines is very high. I know that I had to really work hard to adjust to its use. In fact, I think that it took me about two weeks to really be used to it.

However, the benefits are great. I no longer have headaches. I can stay awake all day. I can drive without getting sleepy. I don’t snore, and I can sleep on my back (ahhh…bliss).

You might find that you have some major benefits coming your way!

Of course there are the other benefits…blood pressure, cardiac health, and so forth. So you will be taking a Major step in health improvement. Congratulations, and hang in there!

Quite normal. Smoking and cigarettes become such a part of a smoker’s life, they’re often viewed (subconciously, at least) as a friend, or at least as a constant in that person’s life.

I got myself all drugged good n’ proper (Hooray for Zyban), and I haven’t smoked in a month. Now, and I never thought I’d say this, I actually look forward to getting up at the ass-crack of dawn and - wait for it - JOGGING. I found that trying something I really wanted to do - but never could - is a great motivator. I’m doing the Terry Fox Run in September, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Sick, ain’t I? :smiley:

That’s great!!! I still don’t have quite that much energy, but maybe I could start walking - instead of hitting the snooze button.

A non-smoker for 61 hours and 15 minutes…