The Official SydDope Thread

Just a heads-up to all the Sydney Dopers, especially those who don’t post on TheLoadedDog’s G’Dope board.

We’re organising a SydDope !

Date : Saturday 18th May. Meeting at 10:00am

Where : Bankstown (we’re still debating whether it’s a chinese restaurant, or a BBQ at TLD’s house), but either way, it’s going to be kid-friendly, so bring spouses and kids if you want to.

The G’Dope thread is here, but feel free to post in either thread.

So far we have :


Now, I know there’s more Sydney Dopers out there, dying to attend a Dopefest :slight_smile:

coughJudicatorBalmainBoydon’taskcough to name a few.

Oh, and standard disclaimers regarding the “nothing to do with it” of the Chicago Reader, The Straight Dope, and the SDMB.

O.K, SydDope is still on for tomorrow, at TheLoadedDog’s house in Bankstown.

More details in the thread linked above, and if you want TLD’s address, drop him an e-mail, all stragglers welcome.

Weather’s looking good for it, so I’ll see you lot there :slight_smile:

:frowning: A bit too far for me to travel, but please take lots of pics and we want reports as well.

Tigergirl (who will be there in spirit, or who will be drinking spirits [I can’t remember…])

Photo’s - Yes Please :slight_smile:

Make sure TLD keeps out of trouble though or he might not come to Melbourne next week.

Looks like reprise isn’t able to make it, and has joined BalmainBoy in the G’Dope Derryn Hinch Shame File of Unreliable Buggers. :smiley: I hope the Meldopers get their act together a bit better than this Sydney lot. What a bunch o’ Ruddocks.

Cath, yer bringing a camera, right? My sister still has my digicam, and I decided it wasn’t worth an hour and a half round trip in the car (and the sacrifice of a good sleep-in) to get it.

If any other dopers want to attend at the last minute, you are more than welcome. Email me at brownlee at tpg dot com dot 'EY YOU, and I’ll give you directions to find my place. It kicks off late morning.

Leechie, as host of this er… event, it’ll be GOOD TLD[sup]TM[/sup] in charge tomorrow. EVIL TLD[sup]TM[/sup] will come out to play in Melbourne next week.

Hmmm EVIL TLD[sup]TM[/sup] is that like Evil Willow from Buffy? Cos she was kinda cute, with all that leather and all.

Photos coming, but up here in the sticks it takes a while to get them developed :wink:

The photos should prove exactly who is alpha male, who makes the best dippy bread, (recipe to follow please) who set my barby on fire and the average number of rugrats per G’Doper :smiley:

The dippy bread recipe is :

One dippy bread loaf (I usually buy a medium sized round loaf)

I 300 ml carton of sour cream

250 gm grated cheese (I use generic tasty)

A couple of good handfuls of chopped shallots

I couple of good handfuls of chopped bacon (sometimes I use tinned salmon instead)

Parsley, garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

Cut off the top of the loaf, pull all the soft squishy bread out of the middle and keep aside, covered. Mix everything else together, bung it in the bread shell and bake for around an hour at 180 ish degrees.

Eat by dipping reserved squishy bread and crusts or bread rolls. Say prayers for your arteries. :slight_smile:

Sounds Yum.

So youse all had good grub & plenty beer sounds like a party to me.

NB - Goo no aussie barbie is complete without buring at least one piece of backyard furniture. Hope your barbie survived.

No furniture got burnt, but we won’t mention the chicken…

BTW, what do I do with these spring rolls ? I’m dying to try them, but don’t know what to do with them ? (please don’t say I have to deep-fry them) And thanks for making them, TheLoadedSO :slight_smile:


You have to deep-fry them. And they are yummy…

Thanks Kim.

With all due apologies to Simon & Garfunkle’s “I am A Rock”

A winter’s day
In a deep and dark Bankstown;
I am alone,
Gazing from the patio to Goo’s BBQ below
Midst a freshly fallen silent shroud of coal.
I am a crock,
Not an alpha male.

I’ve cooked the steak,
To a turn, near al dente,
With snags to die for.
The spareribs are a worry, we will not mention that;
But these damm chicken wings are naught but skin and fat.
I am a crock,
Not an alpha male.

Don’t talk of fondues,
Greek salads, chips and Toohey’s;
They’re causing indigestion.
I’ve finished the cremation of chickens that have died.
It’s a marinade TLD never should have tried.
I am a crock,
Not an alpha male.

I have my Cooper’s
And Shiraz to console me;
I am shielded by a pall of smoke,
Hiding in the gloom, sitting by that tomb.
I look for support but no one looks at me.
I am a crock,
Not an alpha male.

And a chef feels real pain;
And the stigma never dies.

I’d forgotten the alpha male convo.

We all got take home packages of Kim’s spring rolls from Sydope - wonder what they give the Merkins as doggy bags at Dopefests…


Well thanks for coming, you buggers. I had a good day, and I’m glad you all seem to have as well. And not a Fosters in sight.

Beer, a barbie, fantastic wine, kids with faces smeared in chocolate, a freaked cat… Heaven, I tells ya!

Goo, yep those spring rolls are fodder for the deep fryer, but they’re worth it. Thanks again for bringing the barbie (and yerself) in the Big Red Twuck all the way from Woy Woy. You and yer SUV… sure you’re on the right side of the Pacific? :smiley:

Woolly, your alpha male status is intact (just): the chicken wasn’t as think as you burnt it was. It was, according to Kim, the honey marinade which gave them that unique Phil Koperberg look. Anyway, I tried them later and they wazzun bad. And your snag-cooking skills are beyond reproach.

Reprise, the dippy bread was brilliant. I’m going to have a bash at making the salmon version when I get back from Melbourne.

And I forgot the fruit salad. D’oh!

Re : The spring rolls.

Can they be cooked in any way other than deep frying ? I heard mention of “shallow frying” ? Is this an option ? I don’t own a deep fryer but really want to eat these specially made spring rolls.

An inch or two of oil in the bottom of a saucepan should do it. :slight_smile:

Brilliant. Please thank TheLoadedSO again :smiley: