To celebrate the arrival in Australia of our favourite Kiwi, one Ice Wolf, we’re gonna hold a DopeFest in downtown Sydney on Saturday December 28.

We’ll use Sydney’s traditional meeting place of “under the clock at Central”. This ain’t the clocktower - it’s the suspended indoors clock in the middle of the Terminal Station (country and interstate trains). We’ll be meeting there at twelve noon, and what we do after that will be a matter of consensus on the day - but it’s close to Chinatown and several passably good pubs, so we will no doubt find something to occupy our (thirsty) minds.

Come by train (d’uh!), bus to Eddy Avenue, light rail from the inner west, or park at the Goulburn St Parking Station and walk back across Belmore Park to the station (but if driving beware there will probably be beer involved).

It probably won’t be kid-friendly, but if enough Dopers say “awww TLD, that’s a bit mean”, then I’ll go with the numbers. It’ll probably be warm though, and hot, tired kids in the city will be miserable, and the adults will be the same if we can’t sink a few cold ones at the Great Southern. Still, it’s up to you guys.

So rock up there on the day, SydDopers. We’ve not done this for a while, and we’ve never had an Ice Wolf gracing us with her Kiwi charm before. Bring your cameras, and bring an orange (to identify yourself as a Doper).

I appreciate many people have holiday travel plans, and I apologise for the short notice. Still, if you can come along, please do so. It’ll be a great day.

Looks like I’m the organiser (Gawd 'elp us), so email me for my mobile number if you want to come along. And post in this thread so I can get an idea of who’s coming.

Bumping this, in a last valiant effort to get some replies.

It’s looking like Ice Wolf, Goo, DarkJudicator, and I will be there.

If you’ll be in Sydney on the day, don’t be shy.

Post the pics but wontcha?


If I can find the battery to me digicam, yair. Otherwise, I’ll be relying on the other sods.


The OP should read Sunday 28 Dec.

(thanks Ice Wolf for spotting that)