The Oklahoma School Board and 11 year old Muslim girls.

Girl Suspended from class.

So she was wearing a head scarf, 11 years old, probably playing around at recess. Some stupid teacher thought, “Oh Lord Jesus, help me through my time of trouble! There are terrorists in our midst!!! And they are getting younger and younger! We have to rid ourselves of this corrupting influence!” And it happenned on September 11!

What the fuck is wrong with people? Don’t these morons know where to pick their fights? I mean, I grew up in New York. Unlike most places in the country, we had a lot of Jewish people. Who wore yarmulkes. Who were NOT told to take them off because they werent part of the dress code, because it was a religious thing. It’s just common respect for others.

Why can’t they just leave the kid alone and let her play with her friends at recess? Maybe I’m crazy, but I would bet my fortune (albeit meager) that she is not definitely NOT a terrorist.

Again. Un-fucking-believable. I think this has been Biblical stupidity week, from the Pope advocating against condoms to this.

Don’t forget Pat Robertson’s expressed desire to nuke the State Department.

The Muskogee school board ought to be suspended from a lanyard.

Perhaps there IS a reason Oklahoma was called “unorganized territories” for so long.

As tolerance takes another kick to the short-and-curlies.

Well, if people had bothered to read that article, it states that under that rule a yarmulke would also be in violation and not permitted.

I remember when I was in elementary school, nobody was permitted to wear baseball caps or any kind of headgear inside class.

If somebodies religious beliefs are so important to them, that they demand special treatment every 5 seconds, then they should go to a private, religious school and they can wear ninja outfits to school for all I care.


I was going to start a Pit thread on this. Thank you for saving me the trouble. Un-fucking-believable. And the atty. for the school system even admits they wouldn’t let Jews wear yarmulkes, either. I suppose Sikhs would be out of luck too.

This is really, really going too far.

Daisy Cutter, I find it interesting that your name is also the name of a hideous bomb. I assume you are Christian. If you were told you could not wear a cross on a chain, because there is a prohibition on shiny things, you would be screaming up a storm. I read the article. The fact is, you moron, ALL religious intolerance is stupid. Go back to Afghanistan where, I dare say, you were much more effective in getting your way.

What a ridiculous policy. The high school I went to wasn’t exactly a beacon of enlightenment, but even they allowed students to wear hijabs. I assume they would have allowed yarmulkes or turbans as well.

Babbington, not all religious intolerance is a bad thing.

As an example, religious intolerance should be practiced in jails.

Criminals should not enjoy any religious freedoms or special circumstances/food while they are incarcerated, regardless of what religion they belong to. So I disagree with you on that point.

Do you know how many different religions we have in our jail systems ? Tons of them. I believe in the hundreds, just in New York state alone.

Any crackjob can start up their own religion, doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it, or accept it, or accomodate it.

Just because some crackjob started up Christianity, or Buddhism, or Islam, or Judaism, doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it, or accept it, or accomodate it.


Shit, thats just fucking unbelieveable. When I was in college we had a large portion of Middle Eastern men and women attending. To me seeing a woman in full traditional clothing except the veil is nothing surprising.

I agree Mr. Babbington . People like Daisy Cutter think that it fairness only applies to them. You’d have mass riots here in Utah if there were rules against wearing CTR rings.

Separate but equal is STILL illegal darlin. And so going on YOUR opinion my child attends public school about time they stop with the pledge that mentions God. No crosses should be allowed in the school, no CTR rings for the LDS kids. Don’t like that? Go to the Catholic Church up the street then.

goes out to the truck to get her Buddhist beads

Oh, I love this part of the article:

“Dayum, we can’t sell drugs and shoot at each other without our hats!” :rolleyes:

I definately dont get this one. Are you saying that jails are founts of religion? I will chat up my cousins who are jailors on the subject.
are you trying to say people in jail get religion? That sounds like a good thing to me.
People in jails start up new religions?
I think your trying way to hard to look like a fool.

How come? Are you saying no one should be allowed to practice his religion in jail/prison?


I’m curious as to why you would think, not just that religious tolerance should be curtailed to the extent necessary to further legitimate penalogical interests, but that religious intolerance should be practiced by the government with regard to prisoners.

But whatever your reasoning, as it happens, you are wrong. The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (42 USC sec. 2000cc) provides:

So prisoners are allowed to practice their religions, and the government may not interfere in that practice or curtail it unless it can show both that they have to interfere and there’s no less intrusive means of accomplishing the same end, short of the interference.

You guys have it all wrong. These rules are designed to PROTECT the CHILDREN from GANGS and DRUGS. And surely your news reports are filled with horrible shootouts between drug gangs made up of 11 year old Muslim girls wearing hijabs, right? Won’t someone think of the children?

Absolutely shameful. It’s times like these (as well as others) that I feel ashamed to share a state with intolerance such as this, as well as people who support said intolerance.

Jodi: Check out DC’s “enlightening” posts in the thread about Yee & you won’t be surprised by the astoundingly stupid things she says regarding Muslims.