The Old Apple Tree has died, aged 194

Death Notice: OLD APPLE TREE, 1826-2020.

The Old Apple Tree passed away this summer in Vancouver, Washington, at the age of 194. The city identified the causes of death as a spiral crack, decay and old age. Mx. Tree immigrated to the Hudson Bay Company’s Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River as a seed in 1826. She was the only long-term survivor of the first apple trees planted in the Pacific Northwest. As such, the tree is considered the matriarch of the Northwest apple industry. She is survived by many, many descendants – too numerous to list here.

Pie requested in lieu of flowers.
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Stop eating the children!!!


194 is old age for an apple tree? How long do apple trees live in general?

One source says 35 years. Another says 50 to 80 years.

Have we seen it’s long form planting certificate?

Dang. I thought trees lived longer than people.

I heard she had it coming. Dropped an apple on an ant’s head and crushed it.

It’s not too late to burn her, you know? Dead wood’s the best wood for the campfire, as the Boy Scouts say.

Some of her offspring should be nearby, as they don’t fall too far from the tree.

Condolences to Johnny Appleseed, Apple Jack, and family.

What about Applebee’s? I mean, are their fries any good?

Their core menu is good

The Endicott pear tree is fairly ancient.

It’s still a youngster though compared to Methuselah, the oldest living bristlecone pine.

I seed what you did there.

So I am now free to sit there with anyone I choose?