The old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen is burning

As the title says. The old Stock Exchange (Børsen) in Copenhagen has been burning since this morning, local time. The building is 400 years old and beautiful. I always enjoy it when I pass it.
There is no doubt it will be rebuilt, and perhaps even while I live.

Awful news. My family will be spending a week in Copenhagen at the end of May, and I was looking forward to a “classic architecture” walking tour to see this and other historic buildings.

As I recall, there were renovations underway. It’s tempting to speculate that this could be another Notre-Dame situation, where it’s strongly suspected (though not proven) that something done by the workers on site produced the necessary conditions to start the fire.

The other classic buildings are here still. Christian IV did build a lot. Holmens kirke (The Navy Church), the Trinity church, Rosenborg castle, Nyboder (for the Navy officers) and much else.
Yes there were ongoing renovations, but no one knows what did it yet.
Half of the building is still standing, but the half closest to Christiansborg (Parliament) has fallen , the tower with the twined dragon tails is lying in the street.
It was a unique building and I’ll miss it until it is rebuild.

A Facebook friend lives within a few blocks of the Borsen and is devastated by the fire. Adding insult to injury, today was his birthday.